For the Housewife who has close to a hundred jobs to complete everyday Choosing the right kind of washing powder is just another task that she breezes through and even though most people have a specific choice of brand that they have been using from the get go change is not a bad option, because today detergent is changing and it certainly is not what is used to be five years ago. With the introduction of competition, replacement products and even new washing machines Choosing the right washing brand is important, Especially when the Indian detergent industry is estimated to be worth Rs. 10,000 Cr, and if that is not important at least care for your clothes. Have a look to the such best washing powder brands of India for 2017 in detail.

List of best washing powder in India

While there are hundreds of good brands that clean clothes we only consider the great brands that do a lot more than just clean. For a washing powder to qualify as a great brand it needs to fulfill five criteria.

  1. National availability
  2. Compatibility with washing machine
  3. Ease of use
  4. Affordable pricing
  5. Stain removal

The brands that qualify are not new to this field.

Rin – The brand everyone knows about

Rin - the well known washing powder brand

Rin is one of the few brands that has had some great celebrities support its cause, Right from the 80’s Rin is known in every family and is one of the most affordable detergents around, it has been using this affordable pricing strategy right from the beginning. Rin may not be particularly great at the fragrances but can certainly do a good job at cleaning clothes.

  • Rin is widely available anywhere in the country
  • Its great at keeping the colors of clothes while washing
  • Rin is great at stain removal if the clothes are kept to soak in it.

Ariel – the washing machines best friend

4th best washing powder from Ariel

Branded as one of the best washing machine detergents Ariel certainly does not disappoint, it is sometimes on the pricey side but the product is genuine and delivers clean clothes by eliminating all of the known stains you can think about. Aril is not only one of India’s oldest detergents it is also a product that is used widely in the rural towns as well as the city.

  • Ariel has a long lasting fragrance that enrich the clothes
  • Coupled with the washing machine it permanently gets rid of all stains
  • A variety of Ariel products gives you a range of choices.
  • Protects your finer materials when washing.

Surf Excel: making stains the good guy

Surf Excel - one of the best washing powder

This detergent is recognized all over the country and is considered as one of the brands that started the marketing race in the detergent segment in India.  The brand says it is the best at removing tough stains at ease and is iconicly remembered for its “Daagacheyhai” Campaign that took a whole new meaning to dirtying your clothes. Their constantly evolving image in the Industry across the years has made them a market leader and one of the highest grossing detergent products in Asia.

  • Does not Leave a residue on the clothes
  • Capable of cleansing clothes in one machine cycle
  • Does not let the clothes leak colors.
  • Surf has a pleasant smell and is not too strong

Today Surf Excel has evolved and because of constant research has become one of the best in removing a wide variety of stains, this makes the task of washing all the more easier  for homemakers around India giving Surf the title of one of the best detergents in India.