Marking the attendance of employees is an important operation of any organization. Traditional manual methods were time consuming and tedious. But these new innovative Biometric attendance products have come up as a fantastic alternative which have made recording attendances of the employees hassle free. The machines are able to classify the data, and you can count on its integrity as the data cannot be compromised. Watch out for some of the best biometric products in India that can be used in any BPO or office to improve employee efficiency.

List of best Biometric Attendance machine in India

Time Watch – Face cum Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Time Watch Biometric machine now available in India

This is a unique product has fingerprint, facial expression, and card reading inbuilt system, and it is efficient to make identifications in less than a second. It has the capacity of recognizing and storing 500 users’ identifications from their facial and iris features, and it has the storage capacity to log 90,000 records. The data from the machine can be automatically transferred to the computer, and reports can be generated over excel or word text formats.

It works on Intel 64 bit technology, and giving it the thinking brain are the VB scripts at the frontend, while the backend is taken care of by SQL/MSDE Centralized software. The unit cost is Rs 33,219, and you can get free installments.

Time Attendance – AVI – Iclock 990

2nd best Time Attendance machine model AVI 990

This gadget is sensitive to finger prints, and it is great device you record and regulate your employee’s attendance. It is powered by 12V DC – 400mA, and its heart is the 32 bit High End Microprocessor which can scan around 10,000 Fpin scans. It has the memory space to hold 10,000 users’ fingerprints, and log as many as 200,000 transactions. It has the identification speed of less than 2 seconds, and it also has features like an Inbuilt Prox card reader. It comes with an inbuilt battery backup of 5 hours. It voice instruction features are in English, and also has image sensor and it can be enabled with a web cam. It comes with 1 year guarantee, and costs its user Rs 23,994.

ZK I Face 800

Last but not the least ZKT iface attendance machime

This is another hot product which not only senses facial features, but combines it with ZKFinger10.0 fingerprint technology. It has the capacity to store 400 facial templates, whereas its card template storage capacity is 10,000. It has great looks with 4.3” touch TFT, touch screen to input commands. It is state-of-art equipment which applies infrared technology to detect facial expression in different environments, making it works well in over bright places and darker ones. It saves you paperwork as it can automatically send you attendance reports through e-mails. It is designed to create as many as 25 different reports. If you are lucky you can get one at some cash back offers, its cost with discount is Rs 21,300.