It doesn’t take a highly successful executive to know the value of a well ironed shirt, but today when the crumpled casual look is becoming more than a trend its necessary to remember the roots of all fashion and proper dressing. Today Steam Irons are coming with so many features and gimmicks it’s hard to decide which iron is a good choice for the average ironing rookie. This List is an advanced comprehension of the modern best steam iron in India and the renowned ones we can buy for the lowest sums of money for 2017 year.

The best steam iron in India

They are judged on their features, designs, ease of use, safety, and all round customer appreciation because this is a product whose job is to keep us looking sharp and steady.

5.  Philips GC2840 Steam Iron(Price Rs.3,498 )

Philips Steam Iron model - GC2840
When you talk about Philips home appliances there is no way you could go wrong, Philips is not only known for its extensive eye on design but also its simplicity in operating its products. The GC2840 comes with a long 1.8 Meter chord that is more than sufficient to get you ironing the way you like. Its sturdy design ensures you years of usage and it comes equipped with features like.

  • Steam & Spray Iron
  • Variable Steam Control
  • Black American Heritage Non-stick Coated Soleplate
  • Self-Cleaning feature
  • 1440 W Power Consumption

4.  Morphy Richards Cruiser Steam Iron (Price Rs.2,195 )

The 4th best steam iron from Morphy Richards
When it comes to your perfect ironing Morphy Richards has given us the Cruiser that stays true to its name and does a great job in no time. It’s one of the few irons that feels tremendously comfortable and smooth to use and with Morphy Richards great customer care any issue has a prompt reply and it comes with features like

  • 200 cc Water Tank
  • Vertical and horizontal steam shooter
  • Nonstick coated soleplate
  • 1300 w power usage

3.  Bajaj Majesty MX 3 (Price Rs.1,099)

The Bajan MX Steam iron
Bajaj has always designed it products well and that includes even its small appliances like irons, they have been making these products for decades and have tremendous experience in getting the product and features the customer wants, chances are your grandmother had been using a Bajaj iron too, so let’s keep the tradition comes with features like

  • Steam output of 8.5 grams/minute for better ironing
  • Water Spray for Stubborn Wrinkles
  • Self-Clean Feature
  • 1250 W Power usage

2. Philips GC1905 Steam Iron (Price Rs.1,795)

The 2nd best Iron from Philips - model GC 1905
For quick heating and hi grade performance Philips GC1905 has implemented some excellent ideas and designed it well too. The steam vents evenly distribute steam to get rid of those pesky creases and keeps the clothes fresh and new not affecting the fabric. It has features like

  • Non-stick coated Soleplate
  • Continuous steam up to 32 gram/min for better crease removal
  • Drip-stop system keeps your garments spotless while ironing
  • 2200 W Power usage

1. Orpat OEI-687 DX Cordless Steam Iron (Price Rs.900)

The best steam iron from Orpat

This steam iron is my favorite one, even gift to to my team, if you were looking for something futuristic and modern the Orpat OEI-687 DX is a cordless Steam Iron Capable of all the work a premium steam iron does, this is a useful and energy efficient home appliance. Being cordless you can iron anything including your curtains if the need arises and it’s also very good looking too and it has features like

  • Transparent water level window
  • Dry ironing, spraying and steam adjustable
  • Teflon coated steel plate
  • Cordless steam, burst and spray function

This steam iron has yet to catch up on the market but th people who have used it tend to have a great impression.