Undoubtedly, choosing an LED is as tough as finding your baby in a fair.  The reason is simple: the incredibly wide range of choices available in the Indian market. And surely if you want to lighten your pocket for an LED, you wish to purchase the best of the TV watching experience that could change your life. You always dreamt of a 42-inch roomy screen in your living room and sit with comfort and all the leisure with your family to savor its luxurious experience. So my friend, here I am trying to help you out with the best of choices available in the 42-inch bracket of LEDs. Let me just mention the 3 best 42-inch LEDs at a highly rational price available in 2017 in our country India.

The best 43 inches LED TV in India

LG PDP HD Plasma TV 42PN4500 (Rs 30,991)

42 Inches HD TV from LG

After comparing 7 different online websites, the first one that I have noted down on my list is LG PDP HD Plasma TV 42PN4500 available within a range of Rs. 30,991 . Now this is unbelievable, isn’t it? When you get such a lovely picture quality and the most amazing sound effects possible on a theatre equipped 42-inches super colossal screen at such a thrifty price, then the life is surely called admirable. The colors on the screen look so crisp and real, that you actually need to realize it every 2 minutes that you are out of the screen actually.

Some of its breath-taking features are as follows:

  • USB
  • HDMI
  • HD-Plasma
  • 42-inch Display
  • 1024*768 Pixels

Panasonic 42 Inch HD Plasma TV TH P42A20D (Price 32,999)

Panasonic 42 Inches HD LCD TV in India

The next one that I am going to talk about is the Panasonic HD Plasma TV available at Rs. 32,999. The crystal clear screen and the charismatically defined volume of the system just leave you in utter stupefaction. The HD LED TV facilitates with more than one cable options along with different audio and video elements. This classic collection of the Panasonic brand is available at such a reasonable rate which is almost impossible to find somewhere else. This is really something that you cannot afford to miss.

Let me now brief you with some of its key features:

  • 1024*768 Pixels
  • 42 inch Display
  • HD, Plasma TV
  • Headphone Jack
  • HDMI

Philips 42 inches Full HD LED TV 42PFL3457 (Price 38,487)

3rd best Philips 42 Inches Led Tv

And the last one that you can consider as per my list is Philips 42 inches Full HD LED TV available at the most modest price possible, i.e. Rs. 38,487. The stunning sound quality along with such bright colors and a booming contrast just leave you in immense bewilderment. For your kids, who are great gamers already, this is the one TV that will never let their content smile leave their faces; because serious gamers definitely need equally resolute graphics. The game has to look really cracking, for their dad spends a lot for it. And the 42-inch HD experience is going to do the trick for you. The moving graphics with the ultra-gaudy and prismatic colors splashing on your screen along with the most prodigious alive and kicking sounds surrounding the room can make anybody as crazy as our kids.

The features of this intimidating experience are as follows:

  • Full HD, LED
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • 42-inch Display
  • 1920*1080 Pixels

So that is all with my research. Good luck for your choice.