Before knowing about maximum withdrawal limit from ICICI automated teller machine (ATM), let’s know a few things about the machine that would create a concrete understanding about the working of the machine. It might be possible that you need to withdraw cash from ICICI Bank ATM but wait, there is limit for daily withdrawal – lets – check other things you might me interested to know about it.

One of the ICICI Bank ATM Center

A computerized machine

ATM is a computerized machine, which gives the customers of the banks the privilege of withdrawal of cash at any time around the clock without necessity of visiting the branches.

Types of ATM cards

The following types of ATM cards are available for cash transactions from the banks;

  1. Simple ATM Cards
  2. ATM/Debit Cards
  3. ATM/Credit Cards
  4. Prepaid ATM cards for fixed transactions

What ways ATM Cards facilitate transactions?

  1. ATM cards give full-fledged and detailed information about the bank account.
  2. ATM could get used for anytime cash deposits, whereas the counters in the banks accept cash deposits only up to fixed time limits.
  3. To add to it, you could make payments of your important bills, which you need to pay monthly.
  4. You could opt to get mini statements containing up to 10 transactions.
  5. ATM machines could even give information about “loan” accounts.

How does the account owner operate ICICI ATM card?

Bank gives personal identity number (PIN) number to every user of the card and requests every user of the card to keep it secret. Usually, the PIN code has four digits. Every time, he would punch in the card as and when the user visits the ATM.

ATM cards- accepted throughout India

Cash transactions are permissible across the ATM counters anywhere in India irrespective of the fact that the user has his account in a particular branch in India. The same card is also acceptable for making purchases anywhere in India.

What to do, if ATM card is lost?

In case the ATM card gets stolen or lost on the way, the user would immediately inform the authorities in the toll free number and get the card blocked for any further use. Once blocked, the bank would not allow the same card to get used anywhere in India and the user would reapply to get a fresh card and PIN number.

What is the maximum cash withdrawal limit from ICICI ATM counters per day?

Every bank has fixed a limit of cash transactions per day. ICICI bank has Rs 20,000 as the limit for withdrawal for cash transactions in a day. It displays the information in its every ATM counter.