You are well- aware that Tata Docomo is a leading name in 3G service.  The 3G services by it are very efficient and lightening fast.  Other than this, it also offers extremely high definition clarity in voice with speed in data transmission. The services of 3G will also provide services of entertainment, education, banking and healthcare services in your mobile phone. Here is detail Docomo 3G settings below for this 2017 year:

Tata Docomo 3g


What’s special with TATA Docomo services in 3G?

i)  Partnership with 3G NTT Docomo, Japan

The 3G service is offered with the alliance of 3G NTT Docomo, Japan, which is the leader in 3G technology in the world.  Therefore, the services in 3G always remain of optimum quality.

ii)  Quality through world class network

The 3G services only come through a world class network with a speed, measuring up to 21.1 Mbps that offers voice of high definition premium quality and other related excellent services like video calling, on-demand video, and complete track download services, mobile TV, and games.

iii)  Just a handset and enjoy infinitely

You just need to buy a handset and you can enjoy a movie just at the “press” of the button. Besides enjoying a complete movie, you can enjoy your favorite song by downloading it in a real fast way.

3G Settings for Tata Docomo for dongle/datacard

  1. APN would be tata.docomo.internet
  2. Access number is  *99#
  3. Username keep it blank
  4. Password also keep it blank as well

3G settings for Micromax by Tata Docomo

  1. First of all, you need to go to “Control Panel”  by clicking all programs in computer in the left.
  2.  After that you need to click to “network connection” folder in this.
  3. Next you need to click on “Create New Connection” tab.
  4.  As you complete, you need to click on “next” button tab.
  5.  After this, you can proceed to click on “connect to the internet” and subsequently click on the next.
  6.  Then click on “setup my Connection’ and next click the next.
  7. At present, you proceed to click on Connection by making use of “ dial-up modem” and then proceed to click  on the next button.
  8.  Next job is to write ISP Name “tata docomo” and then click on the forward.
  9. Proceed to write “*99#” code on Phone Number and click on “next”.
  10. You can give your user Name and Password.
  11.  At last, click on “add shortcut to this connection to my desktop” right there and click on “Finish” to get completed.

3G settings for iphone

For Cellular Data

Username: blank
Password: blank
Username: keep it just Blank
Password  – keep it blank
MMSC would be http://mmsc/
MMS proxy:
MMS Message Size: 370200
MMS UA Prof URL: default