As it is well-known if you have settings for BSNL APN, you can easily check the settings for 3G for Android, Blackberry, ipad, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Galaxy tab and Sony Ericssion.  Let’s understand what are APN settings?

What are APN Settings?

APN stands for Access Point Name (APN) and this is the naming of the gateway between a GPRS system, which can be 3G mobile network and usually the public internet. The BSNL do provide detailed APN settings in order to enjoy the fast internet speed.

BSNL 3g and 2G APN Settings Details

Why is BSNL APN settings so important?

In order to make you use the data services of BSNL over GPRS/EDGE/3G bearer, BSNL gives the data services for HTTP browsing, WAP browsing, downloading and uploading audio and video content. This is also used for sending and receiving MMS. For each of these services, BSNL gives an Access point name (APN) that has to be set up in your handset.

Let’s see broadly the types of APN settings.

  • BSNLnet– It is mainly used for HTTP browsing. It can be used for internet browsing for datacard/handset from PC and laptop. This APN is very useful for http browsing.
  • BSNL live– This is meant for WAP browsing. This can be used for internet browsing and downloading content materials from the handset.
  • BSNLstream– You can watch all the steaming content , such as Mobile TV ,video clips,audio clips and other TV related materials.
  • BSNLMMS– Through this APN service, you can send and receive MMS.

APN Settings for 2G and 3G

Here is full setting details of BNSL APN for 3G and 2G internet connection:

BSNL APN Settings for 3G and 2G for internet