Aircel 3G-an introduction

Aircel is simply superb while it comes to have 3G internet in the mobile. When you are looking for the fastest and reliable services in internet, Aircel simply fits your bill. There are services, which help you to a great extent in your business operations.  Besides this, it helps you to share a live interaction with your near and dear ones.

Supert fast  Aircel 3g  for high speed internet connection

Services that you get on 3G

I.    Pocket video is simply terrific-

When you are free and have spare time, you can watch video that you like the most. The 3G techniques in it simply do not need any internet set up to get the best of videos.  To add to it, the 3G enabled services for video do not have the chances of being slow.

II.   Just call your friends on Video

This is best part of 3G as you can view the person, who is talking to you on the phone. You and your friend watch each other while continuing the conversation on the cell-phone.

III.   Locate your friends with the help of 3G finder

Are you staying at an unknown place? The 3G can bail you out of the situation. With the help of this technology, you can locate yourself and your friends and conveniently reach their places.

IV.   Learn while you enjoy

While you travel to a destination to appear at the examination or test, you get the advantage to access the vast content in the mobile screen provided by 3G to read and get prepared better. This helps you to prepare better and be ahead in competition.

 V.  Enjoy by playing games

Aircel offers you innumerable games in its store that you can play and enjoy. The games are very interesting that can entertain you to a great extent.

VI.    Watch your favorite TV shows

This application in 3G helps you to watch your favorite shows on television. You can simply download and watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile.

3g settings needed for  Aircel Dongle

  1. APN- aircelgprs
  2. Access no- *99***1#
  3. Username- Blank
  4. Password- Blank

3G settings necessary for Aircel iphone

  1. Connection name- Aircel
  2. Data bearer- GPRS or data for pocket
  3. Point name for access-  For post paid users- aircelgprs.po

For prepaid users-

  1. Authentication type: normal
  2. Home Page: it can be your choice or google homepage
  3. Server:
  4. Server port access point would be:  8081
  5. Proxy: needed
  6. Address of proxy:
  7. Proxy port: 8081

3G Settings required for PC for Aircel

  1. Connection name is:  Aircel internet
  2. Access point name(APN)- aircelgprs
  3. Homepage would be:
  4. Port and proxy: blank
  5. Other settings: As usual
  6. Dial up number for PC/ Laptop: *99# OR *99***1#