A Voter ID Card is one of the most important ID card for all Indian. It not only allow to cast your vote to choose good government in India but also provide a unique identity for all individual Indians. Using a Voter ID Card you can open a new Bank Account or take new gas connection as it include your passport size photograph and residence address as well. There a Voter Card fulfill address proof and ID card as well.



If you are 18 year or old then you should get Voter ID Card in India to cast your valuable voter. If you have not yet applied for Voter Card then you should take very first step by knowing ‘How to Get Voter ID Card‘:

In order to apply or Voter Card you should download Form 6 from Election Commission of India website. Please note that there is no Online Voter ID Card Registration India at the moment. Form 6 is a 5 page of document that need to download, take print out, fill up the form very carefully with neat and clean. Once all required and necessary details are filled then you can submit the Form 6 to at electoral office of your area.

What are the documents required to apply for Voter Card?

There are few basic and necessary documents that will needed in order to apply for Voter Card. The first first thing is address proof, this is very important. You can provide photo copy of recent landline phone bill (BSNL phone bill) and attached with Form 6 while submitting it to the electoral office.



I am NRI (Non Resident Indian), can i apply for Voter ID Card?

No, NRI can’t apply for Voter Card. Only those Indian citizens who are living and staying in India can apply for it. However any NRI who is working outside India and is a Government employee then only he / she is eligible to cast voter in India.

Somehow I lost my Voter Card. Can I apply for duplicate Card?

If you lost your Voter Card (EPIC) then you will have to submit a photo copy of the FIR lodged. You will also have to pay Rs 25 for the same.