The Washing machines have become regular parts of the household chores in India. The practice of washing clothes by hand is almost a foregone practice. The habit of washing clothes by washing machines has even spread to rural and semi-urban areas in this sub-continent.

As such the consumer electronics market offers many types of fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines, in which you can wash your clothes with ease and comfort. While choosing any washing machine for your home, you should read my full review that’s mentioned below.

Compare from 5 best washing machines in India for home

Find here full list of 5 best washing machine in India with price and review for home in this 2017 year below:

Samsung Washing Machine

samsung-washing-machineSamsung offers classy washing machines in semi-automatic and fully automatic ranges.  The machines are front-loading, top loading and semi-automatic types with their respective convenience in operations. The capacity of the machines varies between 5 kgs to 10 kgs. I myself have been using 2 samsung washing machine and average life of the Samsung washing washine is approx 7 years which is excellent than any other company.

The machines either have diamond drums or plastic drums.  Samsung offers 18 types of machines in front-loading, 18 in top loading and 14 in semi automatic.  The price of the semi-automatic machines begins from Rs 11,910 and goes up to Rs 12,600. The price ranges for frontloading washing machines starts from Rs 22,775 and goes up to Rs 57,990. Samsung has 18 types of top loading machines, which are class in themselves and those come within the price range of Rs 19,190-Rs 27,700.


lg-washing-machineLG offers front loading, top loading and semi-automatic machines with utilities like removing allergens, tough stains and dirt from the clothes.  The capacity of the machines begins from 6.5 kgs and goes up to 10 kgs.  Honestly, I never used it but i have seen couple of my friends are using LG washing machine for over 5 years without any problem.

The prices of the Samsung washing machines begin from Rs 9390 and go up to Rs 1, 24, 990. The washing machines in its range are also available with 6 motion direct drive, which can clean much better than the other machines.


Videocon Washing Machine in IndiaVideocon has remained the leader in consumer electronics for a long time. It makes use of a specialized technology called collar scrub technology that takes care of the stain in the collars and cuffs of the shirts and clothes. Moreover, the specialized technology in the machines kills the bacteria that keep the clothes healthy from germs.  The filters and pulsators of the machines have specific applications, which can rinse the clothes very well and make them completely clean.

The capacities of the washing machines begin from 6.5 kgs and go up to 7.2 kgs. The price range varies between Rs 8490 to Rs 33, 960.


IFB Washing MachineIFB is another major manufacture of washing machines.  It offers top-loading, front loading and semi-automatic machines with specialized technology and applications to suit your needs for washing.  The fully automatic machines are laced with efficient technologies like acqua spa technology, programme follower and see-through lead.

The other technologies in the machines are foam control, 2D shower system, steam wash system, auto imbalance system and all these technologies make the machines sleek and efficient.  The prices begin from Rs 15,995 and go up to Rs 60,790.


Whirlpool washing machine Whilpool has long remained a excellent brand name in consumer electronics. Especially, the washing machines have long-standing reputation in the market. The machines come in the categories of front loading, automatic and semi-automatic and with the utilities like agipellar washing system, 8 wash programs, 21 and 25 wash programs and all these techniques are very helpful in giving excellent types of rinsing and dirt and stain free cleaning to the clothes. The prices vary between Rs 10,395- Rs 27720.