While buying a refrigerator from the over-competitive market, there are so many factors you need to consider before you finalize the deal. There are things like size, features and interior space, which need serious analysis before purchase. Selection of a refrigerator is complicated because of certain important factors as it depends on many factors like price, design and technical features. Let’s select the best five refrigerators from the market based on these selection criteria including price and selling of this 2014 year.

The best Refrigerator available in India from LG, Samsung, Voltas etc

 List of 5 best fridge available in India from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune etc city based on selling, price and features:


LG has combined price with very innovative features. It has four step purification systems. Moreover, the double door refrigerator carries style with elegance. To add to this, there is green ion door cooling system that helps the vegetables and other things inside the refrigerator stay cool for 2.5 times more. Available with other features like ice making, vitamin plus and capacity to work without stabilizer, the refrigerators are available in trendy and catchy design, which can aesthetically fit the interior of the room.  The prices of the LG refrigerator models vary from Rs 15,500 to  Rs 88,500, depending on the capacity. LG gives warranty for one year.


Samsung offers better cooling capacity that can intelligently preserve your food to satisfy your appetite. Moreover, the present designs in Samsung are majestically impressive to be the pride of the buyers. The hinges are really noticeable because of their meticulous designs, known for providing long lasting quality.  Considered best among all the features, the cooling capacity stays intact even during the voltage fluctuations.  Being highly energy efficient, it can survive low voltage up to 135 volt and high voltage up to 290 volt. The price range of Samsung fridge begins from Rs 15,000 and goes up to Rs 1, 60,000. Warranty available against the models is 1 year.


Whirlpool as a brand is known for its “6th sense “technology. This technology is applicable in “frosting control” technology. Another wonderful feature of this is, the refrigerator has e-light facility that can make the fridge work when electricity goes off. The door is named as “health guard door” , meaning it is fully eco-friendly. The fridge functions without the help of the refrigerator. Ice-making capacity is really fast as the anti-fungal gasket in it really keeps the gems under control. You really need not worry about power-cuts as e-lighting keeps the power supply uninterrupted. Prices of the models are really economical as the range begins with the price tag of 10,000 and goes up to Rs 50,000 for Whirlpool brand. Whirlpool offers outstanding warranty coverage for 5 years.


Godrej-the leader in consumer electronics is known for bringing new edge pro refrigerator that gives a six star performance.  The edge pro technology combines in itself advanced features like high freshness, health safety, advanced storage capacity, energy savers modes and exquisite exteriors. Known to be the best leading brand, the prices are really awesome. Starting price of Godrej from Rs 9,600 the prices go up to Rs 27,999. Godrej covers all the models with one year warranty.


As it is an open secret that Kelvinator is one among the oldest brands available in India. It offers all the latest features like direct coolness and frost free capacity, the models are really impressive. The prices of Kelvinator fridge begin from Rs 8,950 and goes up to Rs 12,690. Kelvinator gives warranty cover of 1 year.


Do let me know your experience with your fridge.