The purchase of the perfect wall paint has today become the daunting task for person who have to renovate their house in their present and future. This is the major thing that makes the exterior of the house glitter every time even in the dark night. Have a look to my quick review on India’s five best wall paint companies for this 2014 year.

The best paint companies is now in India

Asian Paints

The Asian Paints - the best company in India

This is the company known across India as most reliable option in the market to renders shining color to your dream house. This company was propounded in the year 1942 by Surakant Dani in joint venture of Choski brothers. They have till date made a profitable margin of $150 million on the investment of $1.6 billion. It offered products such as wall primer, coating, decorative paints, putty as well as exterior and interior colors that makes it incredible choice of the present world


Berger Paints India Limited

The 2nd best paint company  - Berger Paint

This is the second largest but oldest and most appreciable brand in paints that was evolved in the year 1923 by the American Louis Steigenberger that was later on headed by many personalities and currently by Abhijit Roy who is known as the managing director. He is the man who has even contributed in the making a huge profit worth of $27 million from the investment of $500 million with its several products ranges such as paints, chemical, metal wood paint, etc.


Dulux Paints


This is one of 3rd most famous and renowned paint company in India that has it is headquarter at Gurgoan, Delhi. The owner of this fantastic paint company is AkzonNobel India and this was established in the year 1932 for offering a fantastic finish to the home and industry. It has vivid range products manufacturing with it such as interior and exterior paints, wood and metal fine work paints. Chemical for industrial work, coating and refining product that has made its net income approximately range in between $25 – $30 million.

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

Kansai Nerolac Paints  Ltd company

It is considered to be in the third position in the countdown because of it net income that is about $400milion. This earning has been accumulated from sale of the products that best offered by the brands. It is has currently 2500 employees working and has it’s headquarter in the Mumbai destination of India and was propounded in the 1920.


Jenson & Nicholosn Ltd

Jenson & Nicholosn

Jenson and Nicholson (I) is the big and well known brand of paints that is known as the second oldest company in the entire world that was founded in the year 1922. The founder of this brand were Jenson and Wilfred Nicholson and currently has it’s headquarter in Gurgoan with the strength of approximately 5000 employees or more. It came into limelight with its first manufacture of plastic emulsion paint with the brand name “Robbialac” has that today enhanced it product ranges in paint direction and has made the revenue of $750 million.