The increasing price of gas-cylinders is undoubtedly a headache for you.  Whether you take gas from HP Gas, Indane Gas or Bharat Gas, you will be getting only 9 Cylinder  of your yearly quota, the price of LPG just gets more than double and there, you are compelled to pay through your nose, that’s the gift from our Govt. of India. Induction cookers can surely make you heave a sigh of relief as those come armed with the latest features to facilitate cooking within minimum time and unbelievably your electric bills do not give you the creeps. You find it almost as tough as finding a needle in haystack as you grope you way into the market and get confused, viewing innumerable models of induction cookers, stacked in the shops. Especially the ones which fasten your attention due to the low cost and sleek exteriors have their ubiquitous presence. But here the gospel of wisdom is- “go for quality and your safety”.
Choose the best induction cooker in India

Before getting a real good understanding about the best induction cookers in the market, let’s piece together the ideas about induction cooker given below to form a larger idea about induction cookers  available in 2017 year with quick review and the way those work.


Induction cooker- what is it?

Believe it or not, you are not new to the technology used in the induction cooker. The technology in it, which is so eagerly being accepted, was already used in the past in the households and industrial houses. But then the price was higher and the ordinary people could not afford it.  First of all, the surface of the induction cooker works with the help of the heat of the electro-magnet. The piece of electromagnet that works at the surface is a good piece of electro-magnet skillet. The top of the induction cooker gets the support of electro-magnet that creates heat with the support of ceramic.

But while knowing about the working of an induction cooker, it needs to be kept in mind that all types of pots and utensils cannot be used for cooking in induction cooker. The cookware needs to compatible with the system of induction cooker that can generate heat in them. Special types of cookware are available in the market to help your cooking be done in minimum possible time. As the energy generated by the induction cooker is very high in intensity that can heat the pots instantly.


What’s the good news?

Now this technology is getting cheaper that people of all classes can easily afford. It is indeed a solution for the increasing cost of energy needed for cooking.


The best in the range of Induction cookers

Prestige the best induction cookera)  Prestige 3.0 Induction cook (Price 2,561 to 9,896)

In India, Prestige range of pressure cooker and other items in the cooking utensils are favorites of all the chefs and housewives.  Quality and affordability are the combined features in all the products by this giant in manufacturing cookware. The first great thing in its features is it is completely resistant towards pests and spillage of water that can permanently damage the system inside the induction cooker. The bottoms on the surface of Prestige induction cooker are light and always responds first as you press lightly on them. The manufacturer has taken great care of the usual problems at your home like protection from the misuse by the kids and it gives you freedom from the fumes that can make your walls uglier. You can literally cook anything from your favorite in the Indian dishes in this cooker.

The price in its range of induction cookers begins from Rs 2561 and goes up to Rs 9896. Especially, the one with the dual cookers is an excellent cooking device for your large cooking.

Morphy Richards the second best Induction Cooker available in Indian Marketb)   Morphy Richards Induction cook Chef Express 500 (Price Rs 3,006)

Would you like your induction cooker to be integrated with a larger auto cooking menus? Again, you want to cook not with the highly intense cooking waves but at a moderate heat that would make the dishes fabulous in taste. Well, Morphy Richards has a unique range of induction cookers that comes equipped with 11 auto cooking menus. To add to this standard in these induction cookers, the tops on them are shiny and elegant with an array of switches to accommodate your needs for cooking. Besides the utility of ease to maintain and clean, the 4 digit display on it can keep tab of any cooking related problems. Moreover, this induction cooker is laced with features like auto-shut off and keeping the already cooked dishes warm.

You can go for a buy without hesitation  and the price begins from the most affordable one at Rs 3006.

Bajaj ICX 6 Induction Cookerc)   Bajaj ICX 6 induction cook top (Price Rs 2,320)

When you think about affordability combined with reliability in a brand, the name of Bajaj invariably crops up. As a matter of fact, Indian families have always been fond of Bajaj’s kitchen appliances because of the trust in their quality and affordable prices of the products. The range of induction cookers by Bajaj has retained their characteristic value in the quality and the products’ prices begin from a really reasonable one. Endowed with great features like beautiful cook-top, easy controls, variable timer and temperature selection, digital display, and the best of all features is the cooker is also operational in air-conditioned atmosphere, where the other cookers simply fail to perform.

Price of the above model in its range is fixed at Rs 2320.

Insla Induction Cookerd)   Inalsa easy cook Induction cooker (Price Rs 2,095)

The brand name Inalsa is always worth considering, when you are in need of searching some model that is available at a bit lesser cost but it conforms to your strictness in quality. Admittedly, the new brands are there, which have persistently built up their market value through good quality maintenance and research and development.

Try the brand “Inalsa” that is simply bestowed with unmatched strength and great features. The shiny crystal glass front in it is wonderfully catchy and the controls easily give in to the push from your fingers. The induction cooker from Inalsa performs unbelievably so far as your requirement for energy is concerned. The cooker has variable temperature and timer selection, easy-to-operate digital display, and the greatest of all is the machine won’t take a start unless you put the pot on it.

The price of Inalsa induction cooker is superbly fixed at Rs 2095.

Philips Induction Cookere)   Philips HD4907 Induction cook top (Price Rs 1,995)

Quality, unthinkable price and amazing features-all rolled into one- can be a reality, when you think of one model in the market.  This is not a bogus idea rather the reality from the most promising brand in many products from time immemorial.  The good news about this model is you can cook all the great dishes like Roti, dosa, gravy, curries and all your favorite items that need preparation through slow cook and pressure cooker. Amazingly, this induction has six preset menus and you can set the timer in it from 1 minute to 3 hours.  It has additional safe switches that get you security from any accident and danger.

The ceramic cooktop on it is just fabulous.

The price is something mind-boggling. Just pay Rs 1995 and take it home.