Gone are the days, when washing machines used to be luxuries at home. With the convenience that these machines can offer, those have now almost become integral part every home.  Adding sophistication to the convenience, the machines have now become fully automated. Not only, the washing machines offer easy but best  washing of the clothes, those are also capable of removing tough stains and dirt from every part of the garments.  The market offers several top brands in washing machines and it is indeed difficult to select the five best from them. You can also check the 5 best washing machine in India in-case you are planning to buy semi automated washing machine.

Let’s see the list of 5 best fully automatic washing machine available in India for this 2017 year below.

SAMSUNG (Price – Rs 11,900 to 43,890)

Samsung fully automatic washing machine

I myself using Samsung full automatic machine (front) in my home and very happy. The best part about Samsung washing machine is that it consume less water as compare to any other machine, comes with 5 to 10 year of warranty of motors depending on model and very easy to operate.  This is one of the best models in India. It gives different premium features which can give wash capacity up to 6.5 kg.  This fully automatic machine can work wonders with tumble method of washing.  As it comes with front loading, you find loading clothes in it is really convenient.

The price of Samsung fully automated could be from 16,500 to Rs 43,890 depending on the front or top model.

LG (Price – Rs 13,500 to 34,000)

 LG fully automatic washing machine - the 2nd best

As the market leader in India, LG has always been appreciated for its products. As a matter of its products in India are now status symbols. This machine from the giant in consumer electronics products is capable of washing clothes up to 6.5 kg.  The top loading system is superb as the automatic machine is capable of giving you normal as well as heavy wash. To add to it, the pulsator method of washing can give you completely stain-free washing of the clothes and garments.

Unbelievable LG fully automated washing machine is economical and starts from Rs 13,500 for top load.

Videocon (Price – Rs 12,300 to 35,000)

3rd best fully automatic washing machine from Videocon

Videocon – another giant in electronics market especially audio products- can give you the delights of completely stain free washing with its K series of washing machines. This fully automatic and open at-the-top machine gives pulsator method of washing as you put your clothes, water, and detergent in it and the rest is for the automatic system in it to take care of. This can take care of 6 kg of clothes and has 4 preset methods for washing.

Great buy if you just spend Rs 12,900.

Whirlpool (Price Rs 15,300 to 36,000)

Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine

This unique machine can wash up to 7 kg and it comes with front loading. The “tumble” method is great if you want to have completely stain-free washing of your clothes.  This machine is laden with great features like four kinds of washes like normal, quick, delicate, and heavy wash.  The wash programs have detergent and bleach dispensers. It can give you literally hassle free washing as its methods are completely automatic. The most attractive thing is Whirlpool gives you 2 years of warranty.

The price tag of of Whirlpool fully automated washing machine price start from Rs 15,300 to 36,000 that appears justified because of such great features.

Godrej (Price Rs 12,000 to 23,000)


Godrej is an internationally acclaimed Indian brand that has so far returned its customers every pie of the money in worth that they spend for buying it. The machine has wash capacity up to 7 kgs and top-opening system has the spin speed of 900 RPM.  The greatness of this machine is it makes use of U-sonic technology based of washing that generates heavy bubbles. You can make use of timer in it by setting it to late or speed washing. It has the restart with memory back-up that can make the washing great fun with the fully automated steps.