In-built cameras are much in vogue now-a-days. Your cell phone is capable of taking beautiful snaps as and when you need them. But in the corner of your heart you still yearn either for your still and digital cameras. As an avid photographer, you have always treasured your precious moments of togetherness. In the moments of stillness, you keep looking at the olden photographs of your loved ones and that soothe your body and mind. You know in the pit of your heart that your passion for photography will go down the generations as priceless and invaluable.  As the trend prevails, digital cameras have come with multi-functions and you can now get the print within seconds. Although market is flooded with many models from companies, the best five Camera models  in India under Rs 15,000 with review, specification and price are given below to help you with your decision making. Given your budget of Rs 15,000, we can selectively retain some models for a great buy.

List of best camera under 15 k in India


Sony Cybershot DSC WX200 (Price Rs 10,800)

Sony Cybershot DSC WX200 - The best Camera

The 1st award and reviews goes to the Sony Cybershot. Despite the competition raging in the market, Sony has defended its position as before. Let’s know about its specific features that will definitely impress you.

Smallest in weight and size – It exactly fits into your palm with a physical weight around 125 grams. It is most convenient as a baby can click.

Aim and shoot – Photography needs complex angling of camera, but not at least with this model. A child can even aim and shoot pictures.

Best megapixel screen– It is 18.2 mega-pixel cameras with a EXMOR R CMOS sensor and you can easily decrease and increase focal length from 4.4 to 44.4 focal length.

Clarity with TFT LCD Display – The TFT LCD display measuring around 2.7 inch can take wonderful shots.

Excellent video – The complete HD capacity of 1920×1080 pixel capacity can take excellent video recording.

It comes with the catchy price-tag of Rs 10,800

Nikon Coolpix L820 (Price Rs 13,300)

Nikkon Coolpix Point and Shoot under 15 k

This Nikon Coolpix is my favorite one. I order it from Flipkart however return it back due to some manufacturing fault. However the quality of pictures from Nikon Coolpix was excellent. Zooming power was also good.  The other giant in the camera segment Nikkon has this beautiful model for its customers. Let’s know about its great features that can have your inclination of mind.

Weighty but catchy – It weighs more than 500 grams but for serious photography, you can, of course, buy it.

Good resolution – It gives high quality resolution with its 20.1 mega-pixel quality.

Excellent zooming – It supports 4 times digital zooming and 26 times optimal zooming.  This is the best advantage with this camera as you can increase and decrease the dimension of your picture as per your liking.

Good memory – Fitted with SD card, it can help you in shooting as many pictures as you want because you have 21 MB memory.

Catchy aperture – The aperture is catchy with its f3.1-f5.9 range.

You won’t be disappointed with below Rs 13,300 price tag.

Sony CyberShot DSC H200 (Rs 12,900)

Sony CyberShot DSC H200 at affordable price

Are you in need of a cool, cyber friendly model? Well, here goes the one for your need.

Optimum zooming – You can zoom the picture 52 times digitally and 26 times optically.

Best quality in clarity – It has got the 3 inch TFT Clear Photo liquid crystal photo that can produce excellent quality photographs.

Superb memory –  The 55 megabyte superb memory with SD card support can store umpteen photos.

Best aperture range – The aperture range of f 3.1- f 9.7 helps lot while doing difficult photography.

The price tag is approximately Rs 12,900 that can suit your pocket.

Nikon Coolpix L320 (Rs 10,300)

The cheapest camera under 15 k from Nikon Coolpix l320

If you need a more economical model with some catchy features, Nikon Coolpix L320 is a wonderful model for you.  The good points for your consideration are;

Good-make – No doubt, it has the best make with its Rs 11,000 to Rs 12,000 price range.

Selective pointing and shooting –  You can pin-point a target and shoot at random.

Good zooming – The utility of 4 times digital and 26 times optical zooming is really helpful.

Thanks to the INR 10,300 plus tax price tag that can help you to take shots easily.

Canon Powershot SX160 (Rs 9,000)

Canon Powershot SX160 - last but not the least best camera

Although, all the models from Canon are pretty expensive, Powershot SX 160 comes below Rs 15,000 and can fit into your pocket easily.  But the features are really inspiring as those include;

Wonderful light-weight – It is great in size, capacity, and capacity. The 111/72.5/44.1 millimeter dimension is really handy f

High color resolution – The 16 mega pixel camera gives premium high color pictures with great clarity.

Best optical & digital zooming – The 16 optical zooming and 4 digital zooming can give great lengths while taking photographs.

Good aperture – The aperture size of F3.5 to F5.9 is worthy substitute in camera.

This is the cheapest camera under 15,000 in India and the price tag of Rs 9000  only plus is a good point for considering a buy.