Anti-virus has almost become a vital necessity now-a-days for every computer.  In addition to the versions available from abroad, India has also begun to produce amazing versions of anti-virus software. The important thing is all the software produced by the companies’ suits the different needs of your system. Be it the protection from the dangerous spam from the internet or malignant virus, there are various versions to support your needs.

Let’s see the top 5 Antivirus with Price, Review in India along with features below for 2017 year:(note that below are paid antivirus):

The 5 Best available Antivirus in India in 2013 with review - price mentioned


Kaspersky Antivirus the best Antivirus Software available

If you need anything not so expensive, Kaspersky is undoubtedly the one to fit your bill.  I am personally using it from last 3 years and works perfectly on over 6 PCs and I can say the Kaspersky is the best Antivirus available in India currently. It comes with multiple features like protection from virus, Trojan and worms. Besides this, it scans the websites and email and gives complete protection against any malware or malicious software. Within a short span of time, it has become a trusted brand in the Indian anti-virus software market. It makes very rapid elimination of malware from websites by rolling-back.


At present, it has two versions the first one comes at Rs 299 and the second at Rs 599.  The former comes with license for one year and is meant for one year and the later can be installed in the computers of three users. For the users, who makes intense use of internet and are exposed to risks and threats from it, it has another version, priced at Rs999. It is available in & other online e-commerce website, where you can place your orders and buy it.

AVAST Antivurs

2nd best antivirus is the Avast

Avast has forever stayed a trusted brand in the Indian market. It gives your computer protection from spam, phishing and virus. Your personal data stays secure by it. More importantly, you remain safe from the attacks of the hackers. As now-a-days, you are at maximum risk, while you make monetary transactions online with the help of credit and debit cards, your transactions remain completely safe with the protection given by this Avast.

To avail this valuable software, you can login to here and know about the price and availability in India.

Best Price

Its basic version costs around Rs 1100 and it comes with one year license. It does have a version for internet security, which costs around Rs 2500. Avast also offers a free version to download and use for a limited period.


Norton Antivirus - secured and fast antivirus in India

Norton as an anti-virus software has five patented layers of protection that can catch hold of any virus and spyware. More importantly, your password and identity are always exposed to risk when you browse but Norton can easily secure your identity and password, saving your valuable information. Norton is available at at a basic price of 399 and other local store in Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and other part of India. Shipping is free. Like Avast, it also offers a free version for a limited period of use.

GUARDIAN Antivirus

It is another one that comes at competitive price with the same advantages.  Guardian gives protection from viruses, spyware and hackers. It has got anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-Root kit, firewall and IDS/IPS in one fold to qualify as a good anti-virus. Most importantly virus, Trojans and worms that may get deposited to your system through any medium are kept at bay and removed by this anti-virus.

For one year, the license for a single user costs you Rs 350. It is available at


The Bitdefender is the good antivirus for home users

Bitdefender comes next because it is efficient and intelligent anti-virus software in checking e-threats, especially the online banking frauds. Besides this, it offers all the advantages of traditional anti-virus along with digital identity protection and email protection. Priced competitively at Rs 360, the license is available for one year. You can shop it at online & offline in your local store in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi etc city.