Are you dissatisfied with the hair color that you are using? You are disappointed because the color does not last for a long time. It is good to try the ammonia free color, which gives you the natural look and lasts for a longer time. The popularity for ammonia-free colors has grown by leaps and bounds in India now-a-days and people of all age-groups simply love the best brands available in the market. Experts recommend the following five brands that can be helpful for every kind of hair. Have a look to my review of 5 best Ammonia free hair color brands for 2017 year.

The best hair color available in India

L’OReal Paris (Price Rs 145)

L'OReal Paris bring Ammonia free hair color in India

O’Real Paris is one of the leading brands, which goes with the Ammonia-free concept. Its brand that promotes “INOA” has created a success story in the market. Now, wherever there is a discussion in the market about the best ammonia free brand, usually people refer to O’Real Paris. As the content of ammonia is zero in it, there is no chance of infection on the scalp or damage to the root of the hair. Moreover, the color can get set within a time limit of 10 minutes.

This product has an ideal price of Rs 145.

ClairOil (Rs 1,475)

ClairOil hair color brand

Clairoil promotes it under the brand “Natural Instincts”. The important thing is this brand gives guarantee of most natural looking hair color within the time limit of 10 minutes. The company has made use of a specific formula in it to take care of grey hair. But the company says the permanence of the color on hair is not enduring and it can last till the end of use of 28 shampoos.

It is bit expensive as the price range begins from Rs 1475 and goes onwards.


The Garnier hair color - 3rd best

When you want different types of hair colors, Garnier can give you a wide range of it. All these colors are free from ammonia and come in different shades. There are 22 shades from brown to burgundy to reds that can fit your imagination for hair color. It has herbal shine hair color crème that give you fortified hair dye colors. Another advantage is it has nil drips and clean up. Another advantage is its instant availability at any corner in India, where you can buy and use it instantly.

Garnier has the most natural range of hair color and the price starts from Rs 99 and goes up to Rs 150.

Revlon (Rs 300 to  1,537)

The Revlon Hair amonia free color cream

You have always stayed passionate about the range of nail-polish and lip-stick from Revlon. But the point is you have equally good range of hair color from Revlon. In its recent launch of hair colors in the market, it has come up with the widest range that you can keep selectively.

The price of their range begins from Rs 300 and goes up to Rs 1537.

Radico Herbal hair color (Rs 199 to 599)

Radico Hair color - Pure Herbal

This is the brand that you simply cannot ignore. The reason is its products are the result of intensive research work. As per medical opinion, it has the range of hair color that can fit almost all types of hairs. Radico hair color can give very good luster and shine to your hair.

The prices of the Radico range starts from Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 599.