Since Android got introduced into the mobile market, the mobile savvy generation, which was already accustomed to Smartphone features, witnessed a complete shift and was swept away with the amazing features promised. While outstanding navigation and shamelessness brought the world at mobile users’ fingertips, competitive prices made smart phones quite pocket friendly. Hence, if you are looking to own a smart phone at without having to break the bank, good news is you got oodles of options. Here is a look at the 10 top smart phones in India for 2014 year which are not just smart but pocket friendly as well.

 The best smart phone in India for 2013 - Choose the top 10 phones


Micromax A110 Canvas2 (Price range – Rs.10,000 approx)

 Micromax A110 Canvas2 Smart Phone

Those passionate for Samsung series of smart phones are most apt to go for Micromax A110 Canvas2 because of its resemblance with the popular brand. Amongst other similar attributes like a 5” touch screen, robust RAM supporting gaming graphics, dual SIM and vivid connectivity options, there is a special mention for the 8 MP cam supported by dual LED flash.


Karbonn A18 (Price range – below Rs.10000/-)

 Karbon A18 Smart Phone under 10,000

Buyers who are conservative on budget will find Karbonn A18 as the absolute value for money pack. Recognized for its long lasting battery and LCD display with 4.3” wide screen, this phone promises lots of opportunity to snap through its 5 MP camera. Ask for a smart phone under 10k budget and you will be recommended for this.


Sony Xperia Tipo (Price range – below Rs.10,000/-)

 Latest model of Sony Xperia Tipo for 2013 year

Smart features look well comprised in the Sony Xperia Tipo to rightly accord the identity of a smart phone and it outclasses many of its competitors. In addition to customary features like 2.5 GB memory and 512 MB RAM, you will love the listen melodies on the phone’s inbuilt loudspeaker. Thanks to the enduring battery, you go on enjoying the music as much as the scintillating snaps shot through its camera.


Lava Xolo A700 (Price range – below Rs.10000/-)

 Lava Xolo A700 smart phone in India

Another mobile device to proudly own, Lava Xolo A700 tempts your photography senses with its 5 MP camera and LED flash. What separates it from others is the auto focus and images of photo finish quality. You cannot go about without mentioning this smart phone in the 10k budget range.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini (Rs. 9999)

 Sony Ericsson smart phone Xperia Mini

Are you possessive about the brand? Then you should look the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini. While the budget rightly suits your pocket, there is a lot like easy multimedia downloading and petite screen that is worth a highlight. However, this under 10000/- phone is a treat for those obsessed with their social networking presence because of its ultra compatibility with Facebook!



LG Optimus Net Dual P698 (Price range – Rs. 9500 to 10000/-)

LG Optimus Net Dual P698

A rare aspect about LG Optimus P698 is its identical companion with 2G as well as 3G. Moreover, it has dual SIM arrangement and hence, you are smart enough to learn how to use this smart phone. There isn’t an LED flash but its three megapixel camera is enough to produce crystal clear images. You can also switch amidst SIM and data at the touch of a dedicated button and this feature is something which is unbeatable by even in the best smart phones. So this is a value addition looking to its below 10000/- price range.


HTC Wildfire S (Price range – Rs.9000 to 10000/-)

 HTC Wildfire S smart phone

Good news for all those who want to tap the smart phone genre. HTC wildlife S appeals you as well as your audience and its impressive touch screen gets even vibrant when your wallpaper display the snaps you shot through it 5 megapixel camera. This is another value for money handset.


If you are tight on budget but not ready to compromise on Android features, you must look for these smart phones:


Spice Stellar MI 425 – This dual SIM phone correspond some renowned brands and is still the best for its 5 megapixel camera, display quality and numerous Android attributes.


Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012 – Lots of music and entertainment is promised in this Samsung delicacy. Of course, you cannot forget the superior EDGE support for impeccable connectivity.


Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite – Call it the best phone under your budget because you can have every object of your desire embraced in this smart phone, though at a lower level. Still you got plenty of things such as HSDPA 3.6 together a solid RAM, Wi-Fi, and 32 GB expandable memory. Its 2 megapixel camera does icing on the cake!