Inverters are essential things that you need during load-shedding at your homes and business establishments. Now-a-days, power-cuts are regular features and to take care of that you need to save the precious hours by installing the right kind of inverter.


To add to it, batteries of the inverter matter a lot because without the right kind of battery, the performance of the inverter battery cannot be good. You need to know a lot about the quality of battery first in order to make your battery last long.

10 Best Inverter Battery available in India

Let’s check out the 10 best Inverter Battery available in India in this 2014 year with brief review:


Exide Inverter plus range of Batteries

As an established company in India, Exide inverter plus range of batteries give you batteries requiring very low maintenance. You can use the batteries instantly as you buy them because the company gives you fully factory charged batteries. The batteries require easy maintenance as the terminals are bolted and come fitted with shroud to make easy connection. Moreover, the “magic eye” in the battery can tell you the level of charge without the necessity of opening the plugs.

Luminous inverter battery

Luminous gives you LT500 batteries that can best protect the lead part batteries from corrosion. Luminous gives flooded lead acid batteries that can be locally available. A nicely maintained lead battery can go up to five years.  As the batteries are made using HADI high pressure casting machine, the battery cannot have void and the grain pressure remains uniform. Due to fine spine design, uniform distribution of positive active material takes place and that ensures superior performance.

Prestolite inverter battery

Prestolite inverter batteries can store chemical power that can be conveniently be used to make conversion into electricity. Prestolite is a trusted brand in India and has high claim in Gujarat. Prestolite inverter batteries keeps continued recharge and extremely well designed for deep discharge application. Such batteries come in pasted palte type and positive tubular plate batteries. Such batteries can last up to 7 years of time. Good longevity has been possible due to tubular gauntlets and pasted negative plates.

HBL tubular Inverter batteries

HBL gives standby tubular inverter batteries with guaranteed long service life. The batteries consume less water. It comes with greater recharge ability. The batteries are strong enough to be reliable. The inverter battery needs less maintenance. Those come fully charged from factory.

Sukam Inverter batteries

Sukam inverter batteries are really tough. These inverters are based on world’s most advanced sine wave technology. The batteries can make your all appliances run without any difficulty. The UPS in this gives 100 percent pure water that can keep the power supply to all appliances without interruption.

Aegan Inverter Battery

Aegan inverter battery is a leading brand in inverter battery in India. Based at Bangalore, it makes tubular battery and power batteries for inverter. The batteries are trusted brands in inverter battery.

Speedway batteries

Speedway batteries are known for their quality and the manufacturing unit is based in Jalandhar. The company makes both tubular and flat type of batteries. Established since 1967, the batteries are trusted brands in India.

Eeco insta power inverter batteries

Eeco is a trusted brand in inverter battery. Based at Gurgaon in Haryana, Eeco batteries are best known for their quality.

Zen Batteries

Zen batteries at Mumbai are a leading manufacturer of inverter batteries. It manufactures compact inverter batteries, household inverter batteries, high power inverter batteries, and durable inverter batteries. It also has in its products range tubular inverter batteries.

Bushcon batteries

Bushcon is an established manufacturer and exporter of inverter batteries. It also has tubular inverter batteries.  Operating from Mohali in Punjab, this brand is quite famous in northern India.