Internet is the need of the hour in every corner of the world. It has captured interest of everyone and is useful for every other purpose. You like the browsers for their speed to access the internet and secondly for the specific functions, those allow you to perform. Almost every other software major in the world is trying to bring out its browser and make it popular with a host of services.

War of Browser for best browser in 2013 year

Let’s see the best ten best browsers of this 2017, which have helped millions of people through their services via Fast Speed, Secure, User Friendly and Look:.

  1. Best, fast and light browser - Google ChromeGoogle Chrome Although it was launched before a small time, Google Chrome is now able to win the hearts of millions. It gives you really fast access to the net, while ensuring safe and secure browsing. Among other best features of Google Chrome, the first one is you can easily download and install it with minimum effort. Known for its easy and beautiful outline and navigation, the latest version of Google chrome is full of really good innovations.
  2. Mozilla BrowserMozilla Firefox 
    Mozilla Firefox is an equally good browser. The advantage is you can install additional free applications. The latest Mozilla Firefox 18 has got best features.  Literally, with this latest version, Mozilla is described as the simplest and most user-friendly browser, which is enormously easy for surfing.
  3. Internet explorer holding 3rd positionInternet Explorer 
    This IE browser remained as the most used one in the initial phases of evolution of web. Now-a-days, this is also active as the default browser, while Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome get the preference from the users.  Although Internet Explorer is regarded as a fast browser, there are many users in the world of web, who have raised questions about its security aspect.
  4. Opera BrowserOpera Browser  
    Opera Browser has topped the list as the fastest browser. The key specifications and security features are excellent. This is trusted by many VIP users.
  5. Safari Browser 
    This is functional mostly in cell-phones and i-phones. Best known as the default browser for Mac, its features are highly appreciated for speed and easy accessibility and secure browsing. Literally, Safari is a rock-hard browser in every aspect.
  6. Maxthon BrowserMaxthon Browser 
    Maxthon’s services as a browser can be treated as at par with those of Google Chrome and Firefox. With its special features in users’ security and reliability, it is extremely supportive if you run into any issue.
  7. Rock melt  Browser 
    Rock melt is a highly secure browser and clearly, it is not for everyone. Equipped with extremely useful features and security application, it is often blamed for poor ability in execution.
  8. Sea Monkey BrowserSeaMonkey Browser 
    Although ranked low by the users, SeaMonkey is relatively is good at accessing the web with easy functionalities. But still, it has all the features of a great browser.
  9. Deepnet browserDeepNet Explorer 
    DeepNet combines all the useful features like very good speed and supportive features. But again, it is vulnerable to hacking and phishing.
  10. New Avant BowserAvant Browser 
    Avant Browser can be treated as a mediocre browser. It is available with good features but again fails on the grounds of pure adaptability and compatibility. But it can be treated as a Microsoft friendly browser, which is easy to access. 

Choose your best browser in this new year!!