The State Bank of India (SBI), being the largest bank in public sector banks, offers great work atmosphere for its employees. So far, it has remained one of the best employers, which recruits people in its various cadres every year.

Despite, the world-wide recession, it has not stopped in its initiatives to go for regular yearly recruitment of people.

There is a good demand of SBI clerk job in India and people prefer to work in Govt. undertaking banks as it’s like a guaranteed job.

The latest clerk salary in State Bank of India

Let’s check out the starting Salary of a Clerk in SBI bank for this 2014 year with other details below.

How does SBI employ clerks?

State Bank of India recruits through a written test and interview. Basic qualification for appointment of a clerk in SBI is 10+2 however recently it announced that the minimum qualification would be graduate in coming few months.

Salary, perks and other scope for clerical job in SBI

  •  If you are a non-graduate and you join SBI as a clerk, your basic salary will be Rs 7,200.
  • If you are a graduate, your salary will be Rs 8,000.
  • Apart from salary, you will get 75% as of your basic salary as Dearness allowance (DA).
  • In addition to all these, you will also receive perks like HRA, transport allowance, special allowance etc as a clerk.
  • After confirmation period of 1 year, you will receive other perks like petrol allowance and officiating allowance.
  • If you have joined in SBI at a place like Mumbai or any other metro and you are a non-graduate, you will receive a salary between the scales of Rs 7200-19,300. If you are posted at a non-metro place, you are likely get a salary up to Rs 7200-13,500.
  • You will be promoted to the level of trainee officer after you CAIIB examination conducted by SBI for promotion to officer grade from clerical grade.
  • Although the starting salary as a clerk in SBI appears very low, increments and promotions come very fast and you need not feel disappointed for that. The job is SBI is always promising and safe.

Other banks also offering good salary for the same post, for example PNB clerk get good salary, let me know how much you get in bank 🙂