The Speed Post service was introduced by Indian Post Office in 2009 and now it’s one of the most preferred way to send parcel, letters, electronic money, Registered Mail, eVPP etc.



Whenever you send any courier or parcel using Indian Post Office service called ‘Speed Post’ then you receive a receipt that include Counter No., OP Code, Amount, Parcel weight, from where it is going to send and where it will be delivered and other few details.

Using unique ID no. you can track speed post whether it has been delivered or on its way. It’s a unique speed post ID consist of 13 alphanumeric characters applicable for Domestic and International courier only. Example of unique ID is: EH114457589IN. You can find it on top of the receipt written in capital letter. You can easily track the speed post using this ID.

Speed Post Unique ID


How to track your Speed Post?

Once you have sent the parcel using Indian Post Office services then you will have a unique ID (as explained above). Use this unique ID to track your courier. Now there are 2 ways to track it – via SMS or Online.

There are several advantages of tracking it online or via SMS. The best part is that you can know where exactly (particular place) the courier has been reach. You can also check when the item was dispatched and delivered.



Track via SMS

1) Go to you mobile and Message

2) Type: SP<space>Speed Post number

EMS<space>Speed Post number

Here Speed post number would be your 13 no. unique ID.

3) Send it to 55352

Note: You can trace the speed post of last 3 months only.

Unique ID is not case sensitive, you can use CAPITAL or small letter to send SMS.


Trak Online

Tracking the speed post online is one of the easiest way. You just have to visit the Indian Post Office website, type 13 digit unique ID to track it online.

1) Open the Indian Post Office URL

2) Go to the box and type alphanumeric ID no.

Speed Post Box

You can type the tracking code in CAPS lock or in small letter, it works fine.

3) After submitting the details, click on Go button – Done!! It will display the status of your speed post.

Note: You can track only for 3 months after that the data will be erased from Indian Post Office.