Shriram Life Insurance Company is collaboration between and Shriram group of companies and the Sanlam group. As it is a familiar fact with everybody that Shriram finance is a big conglomerate in India with business activities in financial services like chit fund, truck financing, financing of consumer durable products, stock broking, life insurance, and insurance broking.

Shriram Life Insurance in India

Largest customer base

Unbelievably, the company has a client base of 30 lakh subscribers and investors. With a branch network of 630 offices all over the nation, the group has the largest network of agencies consisting of 630 offices in the world. It has the greatest force of 75000 loyal and dedicated agents.

Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd- a big player in the world

Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd is a company in Sanlam Group and it is the biggest life insurance company in South Africa. Besides this, it has major presence in United Kingdom, Nambia, and it has a customer base of 3.2 million policy holders. It deals in life-insurance, retirement plans, investment and saving products, home and personal loans, and dedicated trust services.  This group came in to existence in the year 1918 and it is now one of major insurance companies in South Africa.

Shriram Life Insurance- its major insurance products

Let’s see the best in the range of insurance products that Shriram finance has in its product range.

Traditional Insurance plans

The traditional plans include Shriram new life plan, Shriram new Akhaya Nidhi plan, Shriram life cash back term, Shriram new Shri  rakhshaw plan and many more. All these traditional plans have great ideas of covering risks and other aspects of life. Such plans offer great security for personal protection and well-being of the clients.

ULIP Plans                                                    

In the ULIP Plans, it has different plans available from  Shri Ujjwal life, to  Shriram Fortune builder insurance plan.

Group Insurance plans

For taking people in its folds of insurance, it has various group insurance plans. Those are Shri  Sharay, Shri Group Term life insurance plan, Shriram New Group gratuity plan, and Shri Group Life protector.

Combi Insurance plans

It has combined insurance plans and designed combi plans mixing the feature of various term plans.. Such plans are Shri Shri individual care and Shri Shri family care.

Track Policy via SMS

Write STAT<space><policy number> and send the SMS to 8179696969 and you will get the status of your policy within a short time.

Track your Policy Online

The Shriram Finance company provided online option to track the status of their policy online. Just you need to follow this URL which looks like below login page;

Login page of Shriram Life Insurance

And login with your username and password and you could get the status of your policy in your registered account.