SBI has termed its net banking as “Online SBI”. Being the largest and best commercial bank in India, it has made its online banking services most convenient, which is available for 24×7 and transactions can be performed just by the click of the button.

For having the facility of net banking, you just need a PC with internet connection. The best part about the SBI online banking is that it provide very user friendly online portal that even a layman can use.

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How can you register with OnlineSBI?

First of all, you need to have an account with SBI. If you already have, the following steps can teach you how to operate through “OnlineSBI”.

  • The other prerequisite fort this is the bank, where you have the account must be net-enabled. If you have not yet applied for the SBI internet banking facility then you will have to download SBI Internet Banking form, please follow bottom link to download it.
  • If it is having the facility, you can proceed with your registration to get this service from the bank.
  • Create a login with the official login page of SBI here, after you get username and password from SBI. Usually, you receive a username and password after you apply in your branch of SBI.
  • As you login, you are made to go through an initialization process and for this the net banking assistant can help you.
  • After this is completed you can easily transact through your onlineSBI account.

Note:  Make sure to save your new password in safe area as you will have to change the password as soon you login first time.

How can you download the form for this?

The application form for SBI net banking can be downloaded here and filled up with complete details and submitted at your nearest net banking enabled branch of SBI.

Important points to know about SBI net banking services

  • For instance, you are having more than one account in different branches of SBI, you need to register separately for online banking for all the accounts. It is not permissible to operate through a single onlineSBI account for all the accounts.
  • In a joint account, both the partners are allowed to conduct transactions but this will be permitted only on the basis of rights sanctioned by the bank to both the account holders.
  • It is also permissible and compulsory to change the username and password assigned by the bank after the first login. It is vital for the security reasons.
  • Online banking facility can be accessed from any part of the world. But you need to exercise restraint and caution when you login to your account from a public computer.