Full setting details of Reliance 3GReliance is known for its excellence in providing cellular service. Known for its reach in GSM and CDMA, the Reliance spread 3G services In India. Now all the Reliance GSM and CDMA users can get the benefits of speed browsing, video call and mobile TV by subscribing to its economical tariff plans.



You can get the 3G internet service by sending your request  by SMS. You can also manually type the settings on the screen of your cell phone with the help of following information.

Let’s know about the steps required for this.


Steps to get 3G Internet settings for reliance via SMS

  • You need to write the SMS- “ALL” and send to 55100.
  • You are also allowed to type the following by your own hands on the screen of your mobile and avail the settings.
  • The following are the Reliance 3G settings for Mobile phones.
    • APN: smartnet
    • Dial Number: *99#
    • MTU:1480 (only meant for Routers)


Steps to have 3G settings for Reliance Dongle

A dongle is actually a small USB stick, which acts as a modem connecting internet in a wireless device.

Follow below tips to get the 3G settings on your Reliance dongle:

  • For activation, send SMS to 51234 with your selected plancode that you have decided to buy.
  • You can set the following to avail 3G settings for Reliance Dongle.

Name: Reliance

Dial Number:*99#

APN: rcomnet or smartnet

Rest other settings can be left blank.


Other benefits for 3G internet settings for Reliance

  • You can get the maximum speed up to 28 Mbps. You can do fastest download and upload.
  • You can remain connected to the fastest technology like 3G, EDGE and GPRS.
  • You can select from one of the modes of connections. You can use the SIM in the dongle that can be used in the computer for accessing net.
  • You can use the phone as modem and mobile internet.