For availing essential commodities, every individual can rightfully have a ration card. Therefore, a ration card is issued by every state government in India. It carries a lot of importance as it is authenticated by the state government and it can be used as an address proof and identity proof while you make an application anywhere.

In every city in India, a ration card is of great importance as the basic commodities are available at subsidized prices through this card from the distributors appointed by the government.  Let’s find out how you can track the the status of Ration card below:

Ration Card is available in India


Why you need to keep track of the application of your ration card?

You avail the ration card under the public distribution system (PDS) from the Civil Supply department of the state government. First of all, when you apply for this ration card, it passes through a lot of scrutiny. It is essential to keep it tracking as there are changes in the policies and guidelines by the government.

The following are the steps to check the ration card status online.

  • As of now, the policies are completely different with the government of India as it takes the details of your family minutely. The ration card has all the details, such as age of the family members, correct address of them, dates of birth of the family members with other relevant details.
  • In the ration card, it is clearly mentioned that what are the things that you are entitled to get. Wheat, rice, kerosene are the things that you get at fair prices by the government.
  • Apart from checking the status of your ration card online, you can also know the status of your application from the office of the rationing or civil supply department.  You can apply for addition and deletion of data there in your application.
  • The ration card has also mentions about the types of families. The categories of families belong to BPL (below poverty line) and APL (above poverty line) families. Wheat, rice and kerosene are given to BPL families, while APL families get kerosene and other commodities at separate prices.
  • From time to time, civil supply department also changes its policies and guidelines about public distribution system.
  • To know the status of your application, please login here to go to official page of Ration Card status where you can find a search box that looks like below:

Search box to check status of your ration card

  • When you applied for the Ration Card then you must have received the Ration Card No. that you will have to enter in given box and click on Get Details. It will show the current status of your aadhar card, enjoy!!