Wimax is one of the exceptional technologies that BSNL has brought to India for the first time. The specialty of this technology is it provides fixed as well as wireless broadband connections with roaming facility. If you are interested for fast internet service, then BSNL Wimax is your obvious choice. Check our full review on BSNL Wimax below.

BSNL high speed wimax broadband connection in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc


How can you connect to Wimax?

BSNL can give services through different ways, such as outdoor, indoor, USB dongles and the users can choose according to their requirements. The requirements can be as follows;

  • Indoor services– You can connect to Wimax from your home or office. You can also access this from your moving vehicle.
  • Connectivity from Dongle– You can also enjoy BSNL broadband connectivity from a small USB called Dongle. This can be connected to PC and Laptop.
  • Connection to outdoor or remote areas– If you live in a remote area or on a tour to a rural area, this service can be available for you up to a 15 KM distance (Line of sight) from the place or location of BTS.

Advantages of BSNL Wimax

  • You can get internet browsing at an unbelievable speed.
  • You can download or upload data up to 7 Mbps.
  • Excellent  performance
  • WIMAX is one of the world’s best broadband technologies
  • Tariffs are low and economical for the users.
  • You can choose from one of the best user-friendly plans.

Specialty of Wimax plan

  1. The high speed broadband with speed up to 7 Mbps is rarely available in any network.
  2. You get the leased lines.
  3. You get the facility VPN services.
  4. This is one of the best technologies for web based video conferencing.


Charges for BSNL WIMAX Plans

At present, BSNL covers the plans under three headings. Those are as follows;

Plans Download Capacity Tariffs/Charges (Rs)
Limited Plans 512 Kbps-2 Mbps Rs 220-750
Unlimited Home plans Unlimited Rs 750-999
Unlimited Business Plans Unlimited Rs 1999-7000