Believe it or not, MTNL remained the first 3G mobile service provider in the metros of Mumbai and New Delhi.  It has introduced a novel concept of giving a unified or common access point name (APN) for the post paid and prepaid customer in both the metro cities. In this, it has come up with the simplified and convenient 3G settings for every type of handset, dongle or data card, PCs, and tablets. But it would not disturb the existing users using the old APN and they would have the liberty to use the same for quite some time before opting for the new unified APN. Earlier we posted BSNL 3G settings along with Reliance 3G settings and  Aircel 3g Settings.  Lls et’s check one by one MTNL 3G setting in details below.

MTNL 3G  Services in Metro Cities

Special features of MTNL 3G services for the metros of Mumbai and New Delhi

  • The  MTNL began its 3G services during  December 2008 year that with the plan name “MTNL 3G Jadoo”. In the first part of its services, it offered video calling, mobile TV, and mobile wireless services through dongle, which have very first connectivity, measuring up to 3.6 Mbit.  It has also unfolded its Blackberry services for 3G and 2G.

MTNL 3G settings for PC

  1. When you are using 3G settings for your mobile with the service from MTNL, you can make connection to your PC making use of your 3G. You can do with your laptop or Personal computer (PC) with the use of laptop or mobile with the help of USB data cable or through Bluetooth.
  2. But before doing this, you need to have 3G activation in your mobile and your phone has to be fully compatible.
  3. So far as Bluetooth connectivity is concerned, your laptop and mobile need to have both.
  4. First of all, you need to install the software for the driver from your mobile in the desktop of the laptop or PC.
  5. Once this is done, you may make connection making straight forward use of software from the mobile or you can make use of dial-up connection. For this, you must have the access point number (APN) that is Do not give any username and password and let them remain blank.
  6. Dial *99# and next follow the following steps to connect.
  7. Click on start > settings > control panel >phones modems
  8. Get the modem tab in the phone and modem window.
  9. You can select the modem that you have installed right now and then click your browser on the properties.
  10. Now move and get “advanced tab” write the following under the extra initialization command at+ cgdcont=, “IP” , “”.
  11. Now it is over as the modem from the mobile is fully installed in your PC. Select and click on “OK”.
  12. You can now create a dial-up connection to connect to the internet.

Make a Dial up connection

  1. Select Network connections from the control panel.
  2. Move to click on “create new connection”.
  3. Go to click “next” on new connection wizard.
  4. You can get there “connect to internet connection” there click on “next” button.
  5. Move to connect set up my connection by hand and then you can mopve by pressing “next”.
  6. You can give your ISP as MTNL and then move ahead by clicking on next.
  7. You can leave password and username empty and click on “next”.
  8. You need to enter *99# as the number in the phone number field and click on “next”.
  9. Now the short-cut is created on the desktop and then you can click on the finish.

MNTL 3G settings by data card or dongle

  1. You need to insert HSDPA SIM card after activating it in the dongle.
  2. Then you can fix the dongle in the laptop or PC in the allotted slot for the same.
  3. The picture of the icon will come in to display after the software is installed in the PC/laptop.
  4. You need to click on connection.
  5. Then enter MTNL in the profile name.
  6. Type the number *99# and then the username and password would remain blank.
  7. Keep the “APN” as “”.
  8. Then click on ‘apply”.
  9. To save it, you can click on “save”.
  10. Give the name “mtnl” to the new profile.
  11. Click on “ok” to save the setting.
  12. Go to click internet and then click to connect.

MTNL 3G settings for iphone

a)       Log on to this URL to get APN settings.

b)      Go to settings and click on it.

c)       Then select “general” in it.

d)      Then make selection of “network”.

e)      Then proceed to click on CELLULAR DATA.

f)       You can select on options and click to open new APN.

g)      For prepaid APN is ‘gprsppsmumAPN’  and for postpaid APN is ‘gprsmtnlmum’

h)      Leave username and password as blank.

i)        Then press on OK.

j)        You can go to the main MENU to select SAFARI.