In the earlier days, joint family was a good concept of living. Now with the coming new generation, it is becoming a passing phenomenon. The younger members of joint family are now shifting to other cities for the search of better job opportunities and good career. They are making their single families at these cities and the era of joint family is going away with time. Joint family is a good concept of living together and has some benefits for its members. But there are also some drawbacks as well that I am going to explain below. Although many people have different views about joint family and the advantages and disadvantages are dependent on their views. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantage of a joint family below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of join family explained

Advantages of joint family

We don’t even realize but joint family has many advantages that only a person who has experienced it knows. Following are some major advantages of joint family:–

  • Manage the overall budget of family– Prices of every household goods and daily need products are increasing at a rapid rate. If you are living in a joint family than you can really decrease the overall budget for your family and save something for your loved ones. The main earners of a joint family can contribute effectively and make a budget for their family.
  • Gain experience from elders–When you are living in a joint family you get a good presence of elders. Children can really learn from their experience and thrive in the beautiful atmosphere of their love and affection.
  • Enjoy family celebrations – If you are living in a joint family then some occasions like marriage, birth, and anniversaries really become an enjoyable experience for you as you will be celebrating it in group.A person living in a single family can’t even imagine the excitedness and joy of celebrating some special family occasions.
  • Mutual Understanding– The members of joint family have a great communication, good sense of humour and mutual understanding. They understand each others need and behaviour and cope up in difficult situations easily.
  • Disciplined Children –Because elders are always available to look after the activities of children, the atmosphere of joint families is disciplined and well mannered.

Disadvantages of joint family

There’s no doubt that joint family is a good concept, but sometimes it really becomes beneficial for us to think for a change. There are some disadvantages of joint families like.

  • Loss of Privacy – There are many elder members of joint family who interfere in the privacy of younger members. Many people have obnoxious experience of living in joint families. Today’s younger generation need privacy and they don’t tolerate any interference in their personal life. The elder members have to understand their power and use them accordingly on the younger members.
  • Burden of Lazy members–Many members of joint family are so lazy that they don’t want to contribute anyhow to the family, either financially or socially. These members become a burden for the joint family and they serve on the money of other earning members.
  • Conflicts with each other –Todays women don’t like intruding somebody else into their personal matters. They often have conflicts from the elder members of family.
  • Loss of Harmonious relationships – This is specially applicable for newly wedded couple who need a space to understand each other and make a harmonious relationship. But when you live in a joint family you cannot built relationships with each other.
  • Property related issues–Sometimes the motivation of some people living in a joint family is only property related. They think that if they go away, they will lose the property.

Joint family is a good concept if the members really understand each other’s thinking. If the family members are good and can negotiate between themselves then joint family can become a heaven for its members.