The Mixer grinder has become integral part of every household and hotel. With the increase in number of sellers in India, the market is also flooded with innumerable such products. But as a wise buyer, you need to consider quality first before buying.

From all the available sellers, let’s select the names of the five best ones, who are known for the quality and durability of their mixer grinder machines. The trusted names in India have remained almost ubiquitous in most of the households, restaurants and every place, where food is prepared.

The best affordable mixer grinder in India with review

The Bajaj Mixer Grinder is the best product available in IndiaHave a look to the best mixer grinder in India with full review and price for this 2017 year:


Bajaj has so far remained the oldest name in home appliances products. In its present product range, it has 4 such mixer grinder products, which is known as series of Bajaj GX and the last one in the series is known as Bajaj Bravo 3 mixer grinder. In the GX series, it has 2 models with the brand names Bajaj G X 7 3 jars mixer grinder, Bajaj GX 11 mixer grinder and the only other name in the range is Bajaj Bravo 3 mixer grinder. Basically all these models consume 500 watt power and those are laced with features like wet grinding, dry grinding, Chutney grinding, and mincing features.  The Bajaj GX 7 3 grinder does have a combo pack, which is costlier.

The price of the Bajaj range of mixer grinder begins from Rs 2852 and goes up to Rs 3917. 

Maharaja is one of the reliable and best mixer grinder in IndiaMaharaja

Maharaja is also a trusted name in the home appliances segment. Especially, in the grinder-mixer-juicer segment in the home appliances, it has a good reputation. I personally used the Maharaja whiteline mixer grinder for 7 years without any issue. You will need to make a selection from its presently available 6 models, which are exclusively mixer-cum-grinders. The names of the models are Maharaja Whiteline mixer grinder (medium, champion, popular, smar chef plus etc).  The six types of mixer grinders have various capacioties ranging between small, medium and heavy power.

The current prices of Maharaja mixer grinder begin from Rs 2456 and go up to Rs 4561.

Jaipan Mixer Grinder with priceJaipan

A number of families and households in India enjoy the services of Jaipan kitchen appliances. The best advantages of Jaipan kitchen appliances are those are sturdy and simple to use.

Jaipan offers two types of mixer –grinders.  The first one is called Jaipan Mixer grinder Super-delux and the Jaipan machine fine grinder.

The prices are Rs 2092 and Rs 2260 respectively.

Panasonic mixer grinderPanasonic

Panasonic has in its range five types of mixer grinders. The models are called Panasonic MX-AC300S, Panasonic MX-AC 400, Panasonic-MX-AC210, Panasonic-MX-AC-220, Panasonic-MX-AC300, and all these models are very efficient in their performances.

Number of Jars and switches change in the models as per their uses. In case of soft and heavy uses, you can select the needed one.

The prices begin from Rs 2799 go up to Rs 4499. The models can be bought from

The Orpat 5th best mixer grinder available in IndiaOrpat

Orpat  is the company that began its journey in manufacturing calculators, is now the producer of several products. It has almost mixer grinder machines and the models are named as Orpat kitchen cool mixer,Orpat kitchen King mixer, Orpat kitchen Chef mixer, Orpat Kitchen jewel mixer, Orpat Kitchen Jewel mixer,Orpat kitchen gold mixer, and Orpat Kitchen Master mixer. The prices begin as low as Rs 1519 and go up to Rs 2238. All these models are sturdy in their makes and last up to years.