The Life Insurance corporation housing finance Ltd is one of the best housing finance companies in India.  It offers finance for different types of needs of buyers of houses.


As the LIC is a big brand name in India people do trust on LIC Housing Finance as well.  The home loan process of LIC home loan is bit easier as compare to another banks and available from short to long term housing loan based on your requirements.

The LIC Housing Finance Ltd offering home loan at competitive rates

Let’s check out for what purpose you can take housing loan and what’s the interest rate of LIC home loan in this 2014 year in India below:

You can avail housing loans from it to serve your following needs;

  • You can purchase flats or houses with the finance that you get from it.
  • You can construct a house by taking a loan from it.
  • By availing a loan, you can construct the extension of your house.
  • You can buy a plot.
  • You can repair or renovate your present house by taking a loan from it.

The finance facility from LIC Housing Finance Ltd can give you the following benefits;

  • The home loan interest rates are really decent.
  • The procedure for filing application is easy and convenient.
  •  The need for documentation is really less.
  •  The company does not have any hidden cost in the finance schemes.
  •  The company offers different need based products to meet the needs of the customers.
  • LIC Housing Finance Ltd has 209 offices across India and two offices in the gulf nations.
  • It caters to the needs of the customers by its extremely skilled man-power.

Current Interest rates of LIC Housing Finance Ltd

The housing loan interest rate start from 10.25% that is fixed for first 2 years and applicable if you take up to 30 Lakh loan. Similarly if you thinking to take more than 30 laks but less than 75 lakh then then interest on home loan would be remain same i.e 10.25% for 2 years. If you want to get home loan on fixed rate for 3 years then you will have to pay 10% interest rates. Find more details below:

The LIC Housing Loan interest rate chart