DTDC is one of the best courier companies in India with a matchless and outstanding network across the length and breadth of nation. Apart from the services to the locations inside India, it also delivers consignments and cargo to 250 international locations. It has almost 4500 international partners and hundreds of mailing websites and more importantly, it is recognized for its online tracking services. DTDC is known to operate through a widest network, which collects and delivers consignments of letters and parcels through buses, trucks, railways and by air.

DTDC Courier Charges in India

  • First of all, click below the “Price and Time Finder”. You will be guided to another webpage, where you can exactly calculate the price for your consignment.

Calculate the charges and delivery time of DTDC courier online in India

  • On the left, click on “Domestic”, if you want to know the domestic rate of DTDC.
  • Below it, fill in the names of “source” city and “destination” city.
  • Give the correct “zip code” of destination city.
  • Go below the “Booking Details”. Give the weight of the consignment. Suppose, this is a letter, weighing around 100 gm. convert it to decimal. Write 0.100 kg.
  • Next, give the date on which you need to book your consignment.
  • Then on the right side, go to the “Product Details” side.
  • If you are sending a document, weighing 100gm, then select the product as “lite”.
  • Below it select the mode of transportation, you need to say, whether you want to send it by rail or air.
  • Below it, select what kind of service you want to take. Both product and service have “help” button alongside them. Click on them to know and select the services that you want to take.
  • Below the service column, write the kind of consignment, you want to send. It can be “document” or “non document”.
  • After filling in all the particulars, click on the “calculate” button at the right-hand corner at the bottom.
  • You will get the exact charges to be paid for your consignment.

Where I can check DTDC courier charges and timing?

To know about DTDC courier charges and rates, please login to http://www.dtdc.com/web/dtdc-corp/priceTimeFind