Karnataka Bank is an established bank in India.  It is the only bank in India, which promises to identify its each customer as unique and therefore it takes care of each and every customer in special way. As every individual’s needs are different, it recognizes them accordingly and extends it care towards the customers.  Based on the customer’s needs, it has developed exclusive customized solutions for every customer and given them the financial products that can make their future secure and bring happiness.

Karnataka Bank’s fixed deposits are matchless when it comes to giving the best benefits to every customer. The FD schemes of Karnataka Bank start from as low as 7 days and can last up to 10 years.

Karnataka Bank latest Term Deposit Rates

Features of the Fixed Deposit schemes

  • The fixed deposit accounts can be opened by individuals, partnerships, Hindu undivided families, associates, trusts, and authorities of the government departments.
  • Fixed deposits can be taken for 7 days to 10 years time duration and a minor can keep a fixed deposit under the guardianship of another adult person till he becomes 18.
  • The bank can register mandate or power of attorney at the request of a customer.
  • Nomination facility is available to all the customers, who have fixed deposits with Karnataka Bank.
  • The bank gives the receipt of the fixed deposit usually on the same day.
  • Interest amounts are calculated in every quarter for the fixed deposits.
  • Although it is not properly decided, the bank might consider the premature withdrawal of fixed deposits. In that case, the penalty will be decided as per the instruction of the bank.
  • The bank allows loans against the fixed deposits only to the minors.
  • You can contact your nearest branch of Karnataka Bank for keeping your money in the fixed deposit accounts.

Karnataka Bank Fixed Deposit for General People for 2017 year

As most of the banks offering in between 8.5 to 9% interest rates, the Karnataka Bank offering 9.25% highest interest rates on fixed deposit of 1 to 2 years.  Where as Union Bank FD rates offering only 9.00% interest rates on 1 to 3 7 years of fixed deposit, similarly the Canara Bank FD rates are same at 9.00% interest rates. Check out the current term deposit of Karnataka Bank for this 2017 year below in detail for general public:

Karnataka Bank FD Rates for General People with interest rates from 1 to 10 year

Karnataka Bank Term Deposit for Senior Citizens 

The good news for Senior Citizens is that, they can earn highest interests on term deposit of Karnataka Bank for 1 to 2 years i.e. 9.75% interest rates. Check out more details below:


For more specific details you can call to the Toll Free No. of Karnataka Bank here that works 24 hours a day.