Indusind Bank is a great institution in banking by Mr. Srichand P. Hinduja. He is the head of the Hinduja group, who laid the foundation of the bank and conceived the path-breaking ideas in banking that would help the poor people gain considerably. His enterprising spirit made the bank an outstanding institution in banking that contributed equally to the corporate as well as general customers. Although, the bank began its operations in the year 1994 with a capital base by Mr. Srichand P. Hinduja as well as other NRI businessmen, the two decades have seen the bank rising and taking an important position in the Indian Capital market.

Two Wheeler Loan from Induslnd Bank

Two wheeler loan

IndusInd Bank has easier norms, when it comes to the needs of submitting documents and other formalities, strictly required by the other banks in India. You can easily apply for a two wheeler in the website of the bank by submitting all the information online.

Let’s see the features and advantages of two-wheeler loan from IndusInd Bank

Easy payment facility– You get the easiest options from the bank to pay off the installments of the loan.

Direct debit from your account– You can set the options for the payment of installments through the post-dated cheques or direct debit to your current or savings account.

Criteria  for eligibility

If you are Businessman

i) Your business or self-employed profession must be more than 3 years old. Currently, you need to be in this profession or business at least for a period of 2 years.

ii)  You need to be making at least Rs 1,00,000 as profit from your present business in  a year.

iii)  Your age must not exceed 60.

iv)  You should be staying at your place at least for a period of2 years.

If you are a salaried professional

i)  You should be in the same job for a period of 1year and your total service period must be for three years.

ii)   You should be getting approximately 8 thousand per month.

iii)   Your net take-home payment needs to be at least 3 times of the monthly payment of installment.

iv)  Your age must not be exceeding 60.

v)   You need to be residing at your place for a period of 2 years.

vi)  You can log on to to know the needs of documentation.


Apply for Loan online or at the branch

You can apply at the concerned branch of your place and get the loan sanctioned from the authorities of the bank.

You can also apply for the bike loan online using this link here.

Download Application Form: If you wish to apply physically to your nearest branch then download the application form for motorbike from this URL.

Rate of interest

Prevailing rate of interest can only be known from the branch of the bank. The bank does not divulge its rates of interest in its website.

Check status

You can login to account in the website to know about your loan status. For more details you can contact to