Money order service from India PostAlthough, at present cash transfer through core banking system is preferred to money order, now-a-days, there are people, who like to stick to the old pattern of sending money through money order. Previously, money transfers through money orders took a longer period, for which postal department launched its e-money order (Electronic money order) service.

Especially, this has come with a host of state-of-the-art and fast services launched by postal department of government of India, including Speed post service. You can also track the Speed post online here.

The advantage with e-money order service is the transfer of money gets done within minimum time through electronic transfer. The second advantage is there is facility of tracking of your money order from the website of department of post.

How to track your money order online?

  • Online tracking is available only for the e-money order service. It is not for the ordinary money order.
  • While you send your money order through e-money order service by department of post, you get a receipt, containing an 18 digit code. For tracking, you must keep in your possession that receipt you get at the counter of the post office.
  • The webpage will give you a box, wherein you will have to enter the 18 digit number. Click here to check the track. Below is print screen of the tracking system where you have to enter 18 digit unique number:
    Track your money order online for free
  • As you do that and click on the “go” button, the website will tell you the exact “status” of your money order. It will display the exact date it has been delivered along with time.
  • If the money order has not been delivered to the addressee, the correct reason will also be displayed on to the same screen to you.