The Credit card is another common term that attract youths toward it because of its flourishing and exploring services that is admired by everyone. It services range either from paying out the due bill to generation of e-statement within a fraction of second. In this article, we are going to highlight the mode that how to generate credit card statement online of corporation bank that also huddle-free.

Corporation Bank Credit Card

If we are talking about corporation bank services then, let me inform you that it is recommended to offer one of the finest services throughout the country. With the registration of credit card you can start your shopping, keeping in mind the limit of credit card that should not exceed further.  And, the billing amount of the credit card get generated every month in a cycle of 21 days along with a declared due date to offer you with a sufficient time to pay off the bill and make yourself feel relaxed from paying off unwanted interest.  If you have any other bank credit card then you might be interested to check Axis Bank Credit card statement,  and in case if you have taken from Andhra Bank then find out how to check Andhra Bank cr. card statement here. This is the best mode to replace the private creditor present in your surroundings. Now, you need to pay of the bill either by visiting the nearby branch or by net banking. Let’s check you can take your Corporation Bank credit card statement online step by step below:

E-Statement as The Convenient Method To Pay Off The Dues

Corporation bank has even made the mode of payment easier for net banker with the introduction of e-statement online. Electronic credit card statement with the gradual passage of time has displayed a rapid growth in the revenue of the banking sector. Moreover, everyone is depends over its convenient and fastest mode to receive the monthly bill of credit card. This service relaxes you from waiting for the arrival of bill at your office on day before the due date.  Just simplify your life with a single click over the net banking button and see two minute magic to know the billing amount as soon as the bill get generated. So, all that you require is just an activated email-id on which you are going to receive the generated bill.

Step-By-Step Processing of E-statement of your Credit Card

Besides being a fastest process, it is also an eco friendly method that makes you aloof from the wastage of paper that ultimately results to saving of tree. So let’s discuss the steps involved in the generation of credit card statement online:

Register for E-Statements: To goodbye to paper statement you first of all need to register for E-statement which includes different steps that are as followed:

  • You need to enter the URL of corporation bank to proceed further without any hassle. The URL of the bank is here. You can also check the Corporation Bank internet banking features here in detail.
  • First logging into your net banking account by either selecting two options personal or corporate as per your account.
  • Then you need to enter your customer id offered by the bank. Additionally, a mandatory tab option is displayed for PIN to have a secured logging. The logging is made safer with the use of virtual keyboard. Then, you need to click on the log-in tab to enter your net banking account.
  • Click on the credit card option displaying on the top panel of the bank website. With the click, credit card page get displayed on the screen.
  • On the left hand side panel, navigation bars are displayed. Now, you need to click on the View statement or E-advice option. With the click, a dialog box gets displayed for the email address along with a change option tab.
  • If you desire to change the email address with an active email id then just click on the tab and enter the new email id so that you could receive your bill faster than paper bill.
  • Now you need to click on the request button and further you need to confirm it so that the process gets completed.
  • With the completion of the process your E-statement feature get started within 24 hour. But you need to always be aware of the fact that the statement can be only stored for latest 11 months in the view statement panel.
  • Now, you need to log-in every time in your internet banking account to view the billing e-statement every time. Then click on the view statement panel on which two dialog boxes get displayed. One with credit card number and other with month and year option for viewing the data that has been requested.
  • Moreover, you are also going to receive the bill in a PDF format in your mail id on every month after you bill get generated on 21st day. This PDF format is security locked that get opened with your customer id when you enter it in the displaying tab.

In case if you are not happy with the services or support then you can book your complaint to Corporation bank here.