BSNL is the largest telecom organization by government of India. It has extended its services through its immense network throughout India. Be it cellular services, landline connections or broadband internet connection services, it has remained the pioneering organization in telecom and related sector. Known for its credibility in giving cheap and reliable services, it has so far retained the trust of teeming millions of India. 

Steps to surrender your BSNL Phone or broadband connection

Due to different reasons, if you are not satisfied with its services for landline, there is a streamlined procedure for surrendering the BSNL landline connections.  The need for surrendering a landline connection might arise, when you are transferred out of your place. In case of your retirement, you might opt for going back to your hometown and for this reason surrender your existing landline telephone from BSNL. There are occasions, which demand surrender of the landline connection.


The under-mentioned procedure makes it easier to understand the procedure for surrendering the landline telephonic connection.


Procedure for surrendering BSNL landline

  • When you want to surrender your landline connection, you can give an application on plain paper or submit the filled up printed form at the BSNL office of your area.
  • You need to take the photo-copy of the last telephone bill and visit the BSNL office of your area. Please get in touch with the commercial officer, under whose direction your area and residence falls. Make proper inquiries at BSNL office, which has separate cell for handling cancellation or surrender of BSNL landline.
  • In your application, make clear mention of your present address, telephone number and the place where the telephone is functioning.
  • If you are using the printed form, read through all the details to be filled in and fill up with care without leaving any information.
  • After thoroughly vetting your application form, the “commercial officer” will give you a “closure certificate”.
  • The “closure certificate” will have the details like category and date of connection.
  • To know about the detailed procedure for disconnection of landline, you can call BSNL Landline toll free number 1800-345-1500 or simply 1500 to know about the disconnection or surrender procedure.
  • You can login to here to know about the customer care number of your area.

Where i can download the surrender application form?

  • To download the form for surrender of landline. Please click here and get it downloaded.
  • Filling up the form is really easy and it can be filled up easily. BSNL has minimized its security deposit for landline. Now-a-days, it stands merely at Rs 300/-. You can easily get the refund once you get your closure certificate.
  • For surrender, your landline must be one month old.