State Bank of India has introduced two types of cheques. The first one is normal cheque and the second one is multi-city cheque.  A normal cheque can be given to anyone, living inside your city and if you give to someone, who is living outside your city, then it takes days as it is sent for collection and also a fee collected for it.

With the emergence of internet, there was a new concept, called “multi-city” cheques or “at par” cheques. Such cheques can be carried by you, wherever you go and cashed in any branch inside the country. In case, you have given such cheques to a person, residing out of your city, then it can be deposited and cashed locally without any time period and fee for collection. Let’s check out how to request for SBI Cheque book and track it’s status online below:

Now you can track your SBI Cheque book online easy


Some related facts about SBI cheque books

  • A request for a cheque book can be done in more than one way. You can fill up cheque book requisition slip at the end of old cheque book and deposit it in person. The branch in your city sends it to you by post after a few days of processing your request.
  • Secondly, you can also send the cheque requisition slip by post to your branch and your bank will send you a new cheque book after few days.
  • Thirdly, you can also request for a new cheque book through internet banking. You can get a cheque book for savings, current or overdraft account.
  • When you are having a Savings Bank account, you can log in to request for a new “multi city” cheque book in the website of State Bank of India.  Normal cheque books can only be had by making request in your branch in SBI.
  • When you have a current account or overdraft account, you can also login to your account in the portal of SBI to receive a “multi city” cheque book.

How to request for a new Cheque Book and check your status ?

  • First, login to your account in SBI online by login to
  • You can login to your account and then click on the “e-services” located on top menu.

SBI e-services


  • This will take you to a new page, there is a link called ‘Cheque Book’ located on Left Hand Side, click on it.

SBI Cheque book link

  • Now a request form will open from where you can request for a new SBI Cheque book, you just have to fill up a simple form as shown below:

SBI Cheque book form request and tracking page

  • Once you applied for a new cheque book online then after a few days, you can come back to the same page and click on the inquiries on the top of the web page. You can fill up the details of your request and get the status of your cheque book.
  • You can also know about it from the history of the requests you have made and know about the status of your last request.