The Dakhin Haryana Bidyut Vitaran Nigam (DHBVN) is the state owned organization for generation, distribution, and tariff collection of electricity in the state of Haryana. For consistent quality maintenance, it has been accredited with ISO 9001 in the year 2008. As power or electricity is a “must” for everyone’s necessity, DHVBN dedicatedly makes efforts for qualitative, consistent, and clean supply of power to the masses in Haryana.  Like the Tamilnadu state electricity board, the DHBVN also providing online option to its customer to pay the bill. The authorities have focused on this as power is essential for the development of the state.


What DHBVN tries to achieve this?

  • DHBVN has always tried to add quality through sophistication of the present distribution system.
  • It has also made extra efforts to supply electricity to the remote corners of Haryana.
  • It has focused more on complete revamping of the present distribution system of electricity.

Present billing – completely a new one

  1. It has set up call centers to help the rural people access information about power distribution.
  2. It has implemented all measures to make the people receive information in its website.
  3. It has targeted almost paperless functioning inside the office by integrating information technology in all the works of the office.
  4. It has introduced e-billing system and also given the facility of online payment.
  5. It has helped the functioning of the office by encouraging the employees to communicate through email.
  6. It has introduced e-tendering, network mapping, data logging, remote meter reading, and complete automation of electricity distribution system.

Payment of bills by online system and status

a)  You can go this URL where you can fill in all your details on the web form.  This will give the status of the bill.

b)  Once you do it, you will be directed to pay the amount of the outstanding bill at another page with the help of net-banking or credit/debit card.

Contact the customer care

In case of any query, you can email and they will update you regarding the bill status to complaint.