Fir Complaint to Police online in IndiaFIR (first information report) is intimation to the police by the person, who is a victim in any kind of police case.  On receipt of the FIR, the Police initiate actions against the individual/individuals/organization mentioned in the details of information in that. As there are increasing complexities in lodging FIR with the Police, now-a-days, places like Delhi and Bangalore have come up with provision of on-line submission of FIR. However, lodging a FIR with the police requires certain steps to be followed.


Steps to follow while lodging an FIR

  • First Information Report (FIR) is an important document in any kind of criminal case. While writing the FIR, you need to mention every piece of information relating to the occurrence of the crime. In case of a theft, you need not forget to mention the details of articles stolen and exact amount of cash, taken by the thieves or criminals.
  • FIR can be given orally to the police, who will record it in the printed formats, kept at the police station.
  • While the FIR is being submitted at the police station, the officer gets the facts recorded at the police station in the book kept at the police station.
  • The complainant gets a copy of the FIR after the complaint is registered at the police station.
  • Before lodging the FIR, you need to find out the location of the police station under which the crime has been committed.
  • If the concerned In-charge of the police, station refuses to take the complaint, you can approach the office of the Superintendent of Police and submit the FIR at his office. You can also send the FIR to the superintendent of Police by post.
  • You need to be specific, while you write an FIR. Do not forget to keep a copy.

Online submission of FIR (First Information Report)

Metros like Bangalore and New Delhi have come up with lodging complaint online. Other cities in India will soon establish their online system to file FIR.

  1. To file FIR in New Delhi, you can login to to download the fir application and get it registered. You can also track the FIR online by visiting here.
  2. To lodge FIR with Bangalore police, please login to here. You can also inquire  to get about the details to file FIR to police.