IRDA simply stands for Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority. This body is a government regulated one which promotes its interest in the policyholders so that they can live a secured life by ensuring proper treatment to the ones who hold policies. Insurance is necessary nowadays for everyone, as it works as a benefit and a protection for the individuals. Insurance can be of many types – health, house, car, etc.. There are many companies who provide insurance in many sectors with different terms and conditions laid down, and so there must a body to keep a check on the promises made by the companies. Here comes the role of IRDA which works on the growth and development of this industry. Have a look how to register complaint to IRDA and track the lodge status online step by step below.


Its goal is to regulate and see things so that they fall in places with no false commitments. This body ensures the settlement without any discrepancy. It builds trust and fairness in the hearts of the millions who strive hard to make timely payments to the companies to keep up with the policies. This governing body is strict and takes necessary actions where needed. It has got a insurance advisory committee and a team of efficient members to keep thing in track. It holds seminars and webinars to impart teachings to the common people so that they understand the importance of the insurance world.

Lodging a complaint and checking its status

IGMS stands for Integrated Grievance Management System which is a wing of IRDA which takes care of the complaints lodged by the policy holders.It aids the customers to solve the issues and also to check the status of the complaints filed. There is a simple user friendly procedure to lodge a complaint. Firstly, log in to this link and click on register located on right hand side that looks similar to this screen:

Register online on IRDA to book complaint

Now you can register by providing the details like the policy number, insurance company, contact details person holding the policy and likewise. There are two simple steps further. First, you have to make yourself registered by giving the essential information and second, to check the status of the complaint you have to use the registered essentials. After the complaint is lodged you will receive a confirmation email as well.

Customer Care

The complaint can be made by visiting the IRDA cell or by email at or by calling the IRDA Grievance call centre at 155255.

Now, even after the complaint is being made and there is no action taken from the insurance company’s side within 15 days from the date of the complaint then the problem can be directly addressed to IRDA by using IGMS by filling up a simple form.

One can lodge a complaint through writing or fax at Consumer affairs department, and the fax number for the same is 914066789768.