Your Aadhar card has now been linked with your gas connection

get-gas-subsidy-with-aadhar-cardIt was a historical decision by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, when he announced his government’s decision that the subsidy money will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries. Unlike the earlier system, the poor people in India will now get the privilege of subsidies that the government give them to reduce their poverty. In the earlier system, the subsidy cash was not reaching the poor and needy and used to get diverted on the way by the intermediaries involved in the process. With this unique step, your aadhar card will now be linked with your gas connection, enabling you to receive the subsidy money directly in your bank account.


You need to register the details of your aadhar card with the distributor /company of your LPG connection

In the first step, 51 districts have been identified in India by the government, where Gas subsidy scheme will be implemented with the help of aadhar card.

  1. If you have not received your aadhar card till now, you need to take it as a topmost priority to contact the authorities to get your aadhar letter.  As you receive your aadhar, you need to contact your bank and get the details of it incorporated in the bank account.
  2.  If you have already received your aadhar, you need to submit the photo-copy of it with the distributor of the LPG Company.
  3. Along with the photo-copy of aadhar, you also need to submit consumer name, consumer number, copy of the blue or red book from DGCC and the recent cash memo that you have received upon buying your last cylinder.
  4. You also need to give the details of your bank, in which money will be credited with the subsidy amount.
  5. It has to be noted in this connection that the address mentioned in your aadhar letter shall be considered as your address proof. In case, you are not staying in that address, you need to submit alternate address proof.
  6. The ways for submission of aadhar details have been given in every LPG gas company’s website.
  7. You need to login to the website of your LPG company to download the forms that have to be filled up and submitted along with the aadhar letter.
  8. For instance, if you are availing the LPG services from Hindustan Petroleum, you can login to here and the webpage will display first the modalities for submission of aadhar details. If you  have Indane gas then you can download the subsidy  form here.
  9.  You need to first click on the “download sheet   for submission of aadhar to distributor (English)” and read and download the details of making application and form to apply.
  10. Next, you need to click “download sheet for submission of aadhar to bank”. Read it thoroughly and fill it up for submission.

You are done!!