Voter ID card is an important document and now-a-days, it is mandatory for you to produce it, when you go for voting. Besides this, it can also be produced as an identity proof whenever there is need for it. As you need to be 18 year old to be eligible for voting in the elections, the other necessity for it is you need to apply and get the voter ID card as you attain the minimum age for voting.


In case, you have lost the voter ID card due to theft or simply dropped it unintentionally, you can apply to get a duplicate voter ID card.

Let’s discuss the steps and how to acquire a duplicate voter ID card, if you have lost it due to some reason.

Steps to get a duplicate voter ID card

  1. You need to fill up the Form 002 to apply for the duplicate voter ID card.
  2. It is also necessary to file an FIR, whenever the voter ID card is lost. When you apply for the duplicate voter ID, you will submit the duly filled-in Form 002 along with the copy of FIR filed with the police.
  3. Along with the Form 002 and copy of FIR, you are also required to submit your identity and address proofs. You can give the photo-copy of your PAN card, driving license, ration card or passport to act as identity proof, while electricity bill or gas bill can be your address proof.
  4. As you get all these documents along with the duly filled application Form 002, you also need to pay a fine of Rs 25 with all these documents.
  5. You can submit the application form and other documents with fine amount at the office of local Electoral Registration Office of your area.
  6. To download the form for the duplicate Voter ID card just click here.