Paying your dues for Water bill has always been a constraint for you. Being a resident of New Delhi, the long queue to pay the dues always makes you disillusioned. Delhi Jal Board, which was formed in the year 1998, has come a long way to spare you from the difficulty of getting pure water for your use.  Ensuring that you get at least 50 gallons of water every day, it has also taken enough care to ease up the process to pay the bill through online and other process.

Delhi Jal Board for Water Connection

To add to this, it has also ensured that you get the duplicate water bill without any hassle. Through online downloading, you can effortlessly get the bill in your hand and pay the amount easily.

Duplicate water bill from Delhi Jal board – An easy process

Let’s see what is really included in the process of getting a duplicate bill. It is important because after knowing the amount of the outstanding in the bill, you can only pay.  Let’s see the steps that can make you view the bill online and pay easily.

  • Go for online registration – Register yourself with your KNO, mobile number, and email ID. You can easily login with your username and password and view your outstanding bill in your account and get the print easily.
  • Please enter the KNO to view your bill on this page –  If you do not know your KNO, you can click on the link “Know your KNO”  by login to here where you will have to enter few details like Zone, Mr No. Water Connection No. etc..

Know your KNO via this online form

  • Once you collect your KNO number then you can view the Delhi Jan Board bill online via going to this link here.
  • You can get the bill or receipt through email- Once you are registered, you can set the option to get the bill delivered through email in your inbox. You can then get the print of the bill easily.
  • Get alerts on your mobile- From your registered account, you can easily set the option to get the details of your outstanding bill delivered in your mobile’s message box. That makes it easy to pay at the counter by telling your KNO.