The Mahanagar Gas Ltd has more than 1, 10,000 customers and to help with payment of their bills, the organization has introduced the online payment system.  It is most convenient as you would not have any necessity of standing in long queues for hours.


Mahanagar gas ltd has designed its twin portals, where the customers can view their bills and instruct the banks to pay however as of now their site is down but still you can pay your bill.

Mahanagar Gas

Please note that as Mahanagar Gas website has been expired recently therefore currently there is only one option to make bill payment online to Mahanagar Gas as mentioned below:.


How can view your bill online?

  • As a consumer of piped gas system, you can pay your bill online using services.
  • You need to login first to  and the webpage will ask you to register with it.

Click on Register on Bill Desk site to pay Mahanagar Gas bill online

  • Once the registration is successful, you need to select the billers or payees whom you desire to make payment.
  • Then gets your bills and informs you through the e-mails.
  • You can view your bills and after checking it thoroughly, you pay for the bills.
  • makes arrangement for payments of your bill. It gives you option to keep track of payment transactions through proper records and make elaborate analysis of your expenses.
  • You make payments only through your existing bank accounts. This kind of payment transactions is absolutely safe and your account related information is fully protected by