Reliance telecommunication has so far stayed one of the best companies in India for its services. Being one of the top three business houses in India, it has forever remained focused on increasing customer satisfaction. The entire Reliance group has multiple business interests starting from telecommunication to power distribution including latest Reliance 4G plans, 3G and yes you can also find the Reliance 3G settings in details here.  Especially, the telecommunication company of Reliance is credited with 1.5 million customers and over the years, the company has tuned up its services to the best extent possible. Let’s check more about Reliance 3G and 2G details for this 2017 year below.

Reliance 3g & 2g services

Reliance 3G and 2G

As the 3G and 2G sector s are going very fast in India, Reliance has also brought plans for the same. As the nation has a fast growing market for the same, the company has brought very competitive price for 3G services, beginning from Rs 123 and Rs 246 for 2G services.

How can you check your balance for Reliance 3G and 2G?

  1. Register and login–  You can register your details by creating an account in its website and login to know the outstanding balance for the 3G and 2G services. This is available both for post-paid and pre-paid services.
  2. Dial customer-care number – You can dial *111*1*3# from your mobile to get the updated balance of Reliance 3G and 2G.
  3. Send an SMS– Write SMS MBAL and send it to the number 55333 to know the correct status of your balance for 3G and 2G.
  4. Know about GPRS – You can send SMS  “ALL” to 55100.  You will get the details about GPRS in the return SMS.