TATA AIG insurance is collaboration between Indian conglomerate TATA and American International Group (AIG) Inc.  AIG Inc is a renowned insurance and finance company in the United States of America with a global presence. TATA-being the largest industrial house in India- holds 74% stake in the joint venture with AIG as the latter has 26% stake.  Beginning in the year 2001, January, TATA AIG has come a long way in gaining confidence with masses in India. Giving a range of insurance services to public and corporate sector, the company has excellent solutions in insurance for them.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company

Unique Vision

Stating its aim in most meaningful way, TATA AIG states that “it wants to become India’s most preferred general insurance company”. The word “preferred” conveys the group’s willingness to serve rather to dominate.

Purpose behind designing insurance products

TATA AIG intends to bring into existence unmatched value for its customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders by giving remarkable service, which is consistent, fair, and transparent.

Personal Insurance

Let’s know about the types of personal insurance the company intends to people, who want to avail personal insurance.

  1. It has good insurance schemes for the vehicles of its clients.
  2. Besides this, it also provides good insurance schemes to people who travel consistently.
  3. It also has different health insurance schemes.
  4. It covers individual personal accident through different schemes.
  5. You might cover your various household items with various insurance schemes.
  6. For people, it also has different life-style insurance schemes.

Small Business Insurance

TATA AIG has the valuable schemes for covering small business houses from fire and other severe hazards, burglary and other personal hazards, and break-downs of important machinery and electronic equipment.

Corporate Insurance

It gives insurance coverage to various industrial hoses for vehicles, fire and engineering, marine cargo, financial and casualty insurance.

Insurance for rural areas

It gives insurance coverage to villagers for agricultural vehicles, protection of properties and crops from natural calamities, insurance of livestock, and other related insurance covers.

Private group insurance

It also has various schemes in insurance for private groups of people. It could cover their health, finance, and other related matters.

Strongest agent network

It has the strongest network of agents in India and very rewarding schemes for the real performers. The agents have training and knowledge to deal with the true insurance needs of people.

How to check TATA AIG life insurance online policy status?

It gives you a registered account in its portal and you could log in to it at anytime to see the status of your policy. Go to the page https://webpos.tataaiginsurance.in/cpanel/login.jsp and log in to it with your username and password.

Tata AIG life Insurance online tracking system

Enter using your User ID and Password and check the status of your Insurance policy. Or call 1800-266-7780 to know the status of your policy.