Can you name a bank, which has been India for than one and half a century?  And secondly, this international bank has almost 100 branches in the 42 main cities in India. This bank has the strongest roots in India so far as the perspectives of banking are concerned in India.

Like it most of the successful products, its range of credit cards are unmatched in quality.

It is Standard Chartered Bank. Earlier we posted how to check Standard Chartered Bank cr card statement online and this time we are going to check how to apply and check the application status.


Credit Card from Standard Chartered Bank

 Features of Standard Chartered bank’s credit cards

  1. Standard Chartered Bank offers 12 types of credit cards.
  2. You can visit this page to read through the features of all the types of credit cards and select the right one that fits you the best.
  3. The credit cards help you for different types of necessities like business, purchase, and travel trips.
  4. You get rewards from the use of credit cards.

How can you apply for the credit cards?

  1. You can apply at the branch of Standard Chartered Bank in your city.
  2. You can also apply online. Go to the above shared link and on the page, you get the cards with their relevant links about their details.
  3. Under the types of the credit cards, the link is mentioned as “apply now”. Read though the features of each of the credit card and know their relevant features. If you like a particular credit card for its features, you can click on the “apply now” link below it.

How to know the status of your application for the credit cards?

a)   You can go to this page and fill in the web-form with the application reference number and the mobile number that you had mentioned in your application.

Track your credit card application status via this online form

You will get a reply soon.

b)  Call the customer care numbers. Visit this particular page and select the right number for customer care of your area. You can know the right status of your application by giving them your application ID and mobile number.

c)   Send an SMS by mentioning your reference number of your application and mobile number with the query about the status of your application to the number 99800-33333.  You will get a reply about the status.

d)     Fill up and send the contact me form- You can log on to this URL and fill up the online form with your query about the status of your application. You will be contacted by the bank soon.