You buy an insurance policy that helps you to build a corpus fund, which can take care of your uncertainties of the future.  The benefits of a policy are calculated on the basis of permutations and combinations as you select a particular policy. There are number of Insurance Policy available in market for all categories.


The Reliance life insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in India to give you complete coverage on your life and related matters at competitive rates.

Now track your Reliance Life Insurance policy status online

 Let’s have a look to list of benefit and how to check the status of Reliance Life Insurance policy online step by step below:

Multiple benefits available from Reliance Life policy

  • Reliance Life offers you sorts of benefits if you buy a policy. First of all, you get protection in case of your death and injury from accidents. Your family people get full financial security without bothering for their future.
  • Other than the life coverage, it is also a good investment option. At the end of the period of the policy, you get good returns from the accumulated sums from your life policy.
  • Investment in life insurance policy is a tax saving option. You get tax exemption, while making investment in the policy.
  • Life insurance always acts like an umbrella of protection against death, mishaps and accidents of family members. It remains a great help for all kinds of emergencies in life.

How can you check Reliance life insurance policy status online?

  • In order to check the policy first you need to register yourself on Reliance Life Insurance official website here. It’s a simple online registration form where you have enter your details along with email address, policy number and mobile number:

Customer Registration form of Reliance Life Insurance Policy online

  • Once register then you will received the details and then you can login with your username and password and know the exact status of your policy from it.

Call to the Customer Support to check the status of your Insurance Policy

You can call directly to these number from landline phone or mobile phone s 3033 8181 and 1800 3000 8181 and know your staus from the customer care.