Being one of the largest government organizations in India, department of post is multi-faceted in its activities so far as welfare of the masses is concerned. It is the only department, which has spread its activities to many areas besides mail collection and distribution. You will amazed to know that the Speed post tracking tool is also the provided by the Postal department used by million of users. Improving the savings prospects of the teeming millions through small savings has remained its first priority from the beginning. Although not armed with heavy propaganda and advertisement measures, the insurance products by department of post are quite attractive in their aim for giving risk coverage in various areas of your life.

 Postal Life Insurance Policy

Lets check what types of Insurance provided by Postal Life Insurance and how to check your policy status below:

Few of its products in insurance

In its range of insurance products, it has the products given below;

  1. SURAKSHA- the policy for whole life
  2. Suvidha-  Which is a convertible whole life insurance
  3. Santosh- Which is an extremely attractive endowment assurance
  4. Sumangal-Which is an anticipated endowment assurance
  5. Yugal Surakha-Which is a joint life assurance
  6. Schemes that can immensely help physically handicapped children
  7. Policies for children.

Know the status of your policy

If you already have a policy, you can take to one of the following methods to know the status of your policy.

Login to your account

When you have a policy, you can easily create an account in the website of India post. Log on to the account and request for the present status of your policy.

Inquire through a mail

Send an email to inquiring about the status of your policy. You will receive the latest update about your status.

Log on to

Log on to official site here and click on “customer care” at the top. As you click, the drop-down list will open and then click on the complaint registration. Select “postal insurance” in the complaint category and fill up the form with your inquiry to provide information on your latest status.